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Jeffree Star gets shamed for wearing fur by an animal rights activist

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We already know this month brought a lot of complications for influencers like James Charles & Nikita Dragun. Jeffree Star also received a lot of heat for stealing Ex-NBA player Andre Marhold from his baby. And then there were a lot of other issues as well. Now Jeffree has once again given fans a very big reason to question his truthfulness. A few days ago, Jeffree took a sudden trip to Wyoming and his new boyfriend Andre Marhold also joined him there. Then Jeffree posted a picture on his social media in which he was wearing a brown fur hat with a tail at the end. When Jeffree got back in town, an animal rights activist spotted him out and about with his boyfriend and two team members. And started shaming Jeffree until he drives away from the parking lot.

Jeffree Star pretend to be unbothered when an animal rights activists shamed him for using fur

An online tabloid ‘X17onlineVideo‘ shared a video on their YouTube channel in which an animal rights activist starts calling out Jeffree Star for wearing fur. When the beauty mogul along with his boyfriend Andre and two team members enters the parking space after having dinner at the famous spot Pink Taco.

Though we can’t see the animal rights activist, we can clearly hear the message he wanted to deliver to the beauty guru.

“You are an animal abuser. Shame on you. Stop wearing fur Jeffree.”

Jeffree must have heard it too. But he remained silent and waited for his boyfriend and team members to get in the car as well. Now we all know that Jeffree owns a lot of things which are made from animal fur and leather. And this animal rights activist must have seen Jeffree’s recent post and thought about calling him out in the open.

A lot of fans think Jeffree should not buy things made from fur and leather. Because he is a social media influencer. And he should set an example for his followers to use animal cruelty-free brands and products.

Some receipts of JS wearing animal cruelty products

A few months ago fans got really upset with Jeffree Star for wearing clothing items made from mink fur.

This pink jacket right here is from a very famous brand ‘Fendi’. And all the letters on this jacket are actually filled through mink fur.

Fendi mink lined jacket

And here Jeffree is seen wearing this mink fur coat by Louis Vuitton.

LV mink coat

Oh and Jeffree’s favorite LV slippers are also made from mink fur. Now some people say they really don’t get one thing, Jeffree’s brand is vegan. During Kat Von D and Jeffree Star feud, KVD even called out Jeffree Star for lying about his brand for being vegan.

People buy Jeffree’s products because they are animal cruelty free. But Jeffree on the other hand, is buying products from cruel brands and supporting them. Why?

Let me know what you think about this whole matter? We cannot even imagine the torture so many animals and birds have to face each day just because of these brands who do not follow cruelty free production.

Say no to cruelty brands, please. Peace out!

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