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How Jake GyllenHaal Convinced Jamie Lee Curtis For Halloween

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Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a mountain. Wondering how these three absolutely unrelated words got together? Well, let us tell you how. Basically, Jake Gyllenhaal tracked down Jamie Lee Curtis while she was on vacation in the mountains. Why? To get her convinced into doing the movie ‘Halloween’. And, this is not all; in an interview with Variety, Curtis remarked Gyllenhaal as her ‘unofficial Godson’.

The Convincing ‘Godson’

David Gordon Green directs this movie which happens to be a reboot of a 1978 classic. Curtis had originally starred in the movie, and now she is also a part of Friday’s premiere. Jake Gyllenhaal’s advice carries a lot of weight for the veteran. And when he told her that working with Green on Stronger was “the greatest experience of his professional career ”.  She simply couldn’t say no.

Curtis And The Halloween Franchise

Curtis’ last venture with the franchise had disillusioned her. It was the1998’s “Halloween the movie H20: 20 Years Later” and for Curtis, it was no short of disappointing. Thankfully, things worked out with impish glee. As Jake Gyllenhaal had promised, the experience was enriching. Moreover, the pay was lucrative and handsome. In fact, the euphoria was so profound that Curtis went ahead to compare Green with John Carpenter, Halloween’s original director. Curtis reminisced her laid-back colleague and was elated that Jake Gyllenhaal convinced her for such good work.

Furthermore, The Movie Is Adequately Timely

Jamie Lee Curtis is all set to reprise her role as Laurie Strode, albeit now a grandmother. As Laurie faces the shrewd baddie Michael Myers once again, her trauma will now be something socially educational. Jamie Lee Curtis has mentioned the movie to be ‘timely’ with respect to the #MeToo movement. She stated “I think women are identifying with trauma all over the world. Every time a woman stands up and says ‘This happened to me too #MeToo’. It gives other women an opportunity to share their experience” Jamie Lee Curtis strongly feels that the traumas are alike, and alike is their administration. What makes the two depart is the presence of a ‘supernatural’ element.

Above All, It Is Going To Be A Good Watch

Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to a role in Halloween the movie that marked her career’s inauguration. And, we can entitle Jake Gyllenhaal to all the credit for this. Jamie applauds Green’s creative quirkiness and energy. For her, the movie was an extremely emotional but artistically satisfying venture. And, as Curtis called Green a true ‘visionary’ we can bet on this to be an energetically entertaining flick. The movie already has all the critical acclaim it needs, so it will probably come out as a blockbuster.

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