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Shane Dawson has new ‘Spiraling’ merch available

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Shane Dawson has still not made his comeback on his YouTube channel and he has yet to address all of the major controversies surrounding him. While it is still unclear where his career will go next, he is still doing something to ensure his income. One source of revenue for the YouTuber was his merch. The Shane Dawson merchandise expanded and grew when he joined hands with Jeffree Star to create new makeup palettes. Shane also launched new merch items to go along with the makeup. Now, there are some new items available on his official website.

What are the new Shane Dawson merch items?

All of the new Shane Dawson merch items include the word ‘Spiraling’. That’s pretty on-brand for Shane Dawson because that was a common mental state he used to be in his YouTube videos. There was also a ‘Spiraling’ eye-shade in the conspiracy make-up palette he launched with Jeffree Star:

Spiraling makeupshade
Jeffree Star Cosmetics

There are two new hoodies and one new T-shirt, all with varying designs containing the word ‘spiraling’.

Shane DAwson spiraling
Shane Dawson Merch

Both the hoodies are priced at $45 while the T-shirt is cheaper and priced at $25.

Fans were quick to take notice of the new merch launch even though there was no mention of it in the social media of either Shane, Jeffree Star, or Ryland Adams. One fan was even calling this the most fitting merch for 2020 and encouraging people to purchase them.

While there was no news on social media, there was an email sent out apparently. Though Shane Dawson’s critics were quick to call this out as well when he hasn’t addressed the multiple dramas that he’s currently in.

Jeffree Star also launched a new makeup-palette collection but he only did so after addressing the dramas he was involved in.

Shane may not have any control over the release

It must be noted that Shane Dawson is not responsible for releasing this merch which was designed back in May. It was part of the contract that he agreed to with Killer Merch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

EDIT: Changes were made in the article following some comments.
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1 Comment
  1. Jess says

    First of all, Killer Merch is releasing this merch. Jeffree is the one in control of that. Why aren’t you holding him accountable too? Shane had already signed contracts before all of this happened. He has no control over when things launch. Secondly, he gave fans a sneak peak of this spiraling design many months ago. It’s not like he decided to create it all of a sudden to make a quick buck. Stop using his name and his fans for clicks and let him be. He’s not out here promoting anything or telling anyone to buy it.

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