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Hollywood Censorship: Banning films critical of US Foreign Policy

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Fans of action and war movies! Sorry, but we have a bit of bad news for you. Hollywood censors or disapproves movies that threaten the USA’s foreign policy by disclosing information about its military operations around the world. Some of your favorite films may not reach your screens as the way you expect them to. Talking about the subject Hollywood censorship subject with Academy Award winner; Oliver Stone explains how he has had an exceptionally hard time in getting his war movies approved.

I know also I had a hell of a hard time getting ‘Platoon’ made; as well as several other films.

Platoon is a 1986 film based on the Vietnam war.

In my own personal experience, I would say Hollywood tends to economically censor subjects that are critical of America’s foreign policy, and critical of the military adventures abroad that we’ve been engaged in for so many years.

Oliver stated further in an interview with Jesse Watters in Watters’ world.

Is Hollywood on its way to follow China’s Censorship policies?

Countries around the world are already critical of China for its policies to control what its people may hear and see through media. However in the 1950s era, in the US; they abolished all censorship policies. Is it now safe to assume that Hollywood is heading back to the last century when it comes to censorship laws? Moreover, the question that intrigues me the most, who decides if a particular movie can cause harm? The intelligence agencies, that might be presenting this information, are infamous for lying. In his own words, Oliver explains this situation as,

The intelligence agencies mislead us in many affairs, going back in wars, especially to Vietnam, to Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Syria. It’s years of misinformation, particularly in Vietnam where we felt the devastating effect of the continual lying about the fact that we were winning the war, winning the war. It was never true.

Media is a platform through which the public gets an insight into the real and fictitious world. Should Hollywood bind itself by censorships based on information that might be true or not? Is this the beginning of an era where the US government dictates what is okay for the public to see? Shouldn’t they be more concerned about protecting information getting out of their facilities or stopping inhumane activities? I hope we get answers to these questions soon enough.

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