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Ethan Klein claims James Charles has copied his merch designs

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I don’t know about you guys but I was super excited for James Charles’ new Sisters Apparel collection. I am just going to drop a link here if you guys have not seen it yet. James even did a fabulous shoot with some amazing TikTok content creators for this new collection. Which will be revealed on the 24th of September. And if you take a closer look at the new collection, it has a different design with lots of pastel colors. So far everything was going smooth. Then ‘Ethan Klein’ who is co-founder of Teddy Fresh made a very tricky claim. According to Ethan, James’ new merch has exact designs as his wife Hila’s who usually design clothes for Teddy Fresh.

Let’s see some Twitter threads between James Charles and Ethan Klein

So this whole thing started when Ethan Klein who is the co-founder of a clothing brand ‘Teddy Fresh’ posted this tweet.

This is how it all started

In this tweet, Ethan is claiming that James Charles’s new merch is just like his wife Hila’s who is the CEO of their brand Teddy Fresh. Ethan further claimed that all of their buyers are going to assume that their brand ‘Teddy Fresh’ plagiarised James’s new merch. Then he asked people for their opinion on this matter.

Now if you read Ethan’s tweet a few times, you will know that he has chosen words very smartly. But their effect is just equally bitter and negative. And you will know why I am saying this after reading the rest of their conversation.

no more drama

Now James is sharing his side of the story. So Ethan might have sent a DM to James when he posted pictures from his new merch on social media. According to James, he shared his inspiration from this new merch with Ethan. And also asked him for further instructions. He further added that he wanted to keep this conversation entirely private after last year’s drama involving Tati Westbrook. But Ethan didn’t respect James’ decision and posted another tweet which is a little upsetting.

James drops these hints twice for Ethan to discuss further matters in private. But then Ethan asks James to share their conversation.


Ethan further claims that James’ new merch designs are not coincidental. And James has mentioned this fact in their private conversation. I don’t know if we will get the chance to see the conversation on any social media platform or not.  Ethan further claimed that he didn’t have any intentions to share these tweets. But he found James’ response rather aggressive and negative.

James’ response to Ethan’s tweet was rather polite than dismissive.

“If you would like to continue our conversation and find a solution, My DMs are still open.”

What do you guys think about the designs? Do they look similar to you? The pocket design is definitely different and the color tones are a little different too. There are a lot of other brands that use the boxing pattern and pastel colors for their brands. But I guess what’s happening with James is pretty similar to Nikita Dragun’s bad bi*ch merch.

And yes, we have definitely seen Larray and other YouTube celebrities wearing Ethan and Hila’s brand. So we know Teddy Fresh is a big deal. But a lot of fans think Ethan should have had this conversation privately. If you’re sure that someone is copying your design, you can always take the legal route. Rather than creating a public drama. Anyways, stay tuned more updates on this matter.

Peace out

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