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Tana Mongeau gets cozy with Harry Jowsey to make Francesca Farago Jealous?

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So, who is giving crazy ideas to Tana Mongeau and Harry Jowsey to stay in the spotlight? I don’t want you guys to blame Jake Paul for this, because he already has too much on his plate. I think it’s been a few weeks since Tana was having a cold war with Francesca Fargo. And almost everybody was unaware of it. But then Tana posted a video on her Tiktok in which she is getting extra cozy with the Too Hot to Handle star Harry Jowsey. Who also happens to be Francesca’s ex-boyfriend. Some of the fans thought ‘the getting cozy’ scene is too normal for Tana. While others were busy finding hints in the comments section of the video. And Tana herself dropped a very huge hint that Francesca Farago went after one of Tana’s ex.

Something is cooking between Tana Mongeau and Harry Jowsey

So a few days ago Tana posted a video on her TikTok in which she is getting trying to get cozy with Harry Jowsey. And the video ends when Tana gets closer for a lip kiss. So we really don’t know if these two kisses behind the camera or not.


@harryjowsey this sound was made for u bby

♬ He for Everybody – BossLady

In reply to Tana’s silly caption, Harry gets back to her by commenting ‘Tana this sound was made for you.’ Then Tana posted another video on her Instagram story in which Harry is giving a shoutout to Tana’s OnlyFans.

Which is like a false alarm for so many people out there who might think these two actually posted something on OnlyFans. But they didn’t.

Fans are upset about Tana Mongeau and Harry Jowsey’s close encounter

So the ongoing drama further escalated when Tana replied to a fan’s comment by saying, ‘Francesca went out with an ex of mine’. But she is clearly not chill about it. Otherwise, she would have never posted a video with Harry.

Tana being Tana

Fans were really upset with Tana for going after Harry and called it a payback. But payback for what exactly?


Then another fan clarified the situation by explaining that Francesca was seen hanging out with Tana’s ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. And they were also rumored to be dating.

Francesca hung out with Bella

Then a few days later Tana posted this on her Instagram story. Where Harry Jowsey is actually tying her shoe lace. Now, this thing is beyond upsetting. I don’t even know how Harry agreed to all of this. And the caption is plain rude.


Francesa Fargo clarifies false accusations by Tana Mongeau

So, it’s pretty obvious that Francesca was never going to make any sort of comments on Tana’s childish behavior. But she actually showed us another side of the story when ‘TikTokroom’ shared Tana’s video on their Instagram.

Francesa denied all the rumors on TikTokroom’s video with a one-word reply.

Tiktok room

I mean the girl herself is saying that Tana is making some false allegations. Francesca and Bella are just good friends who like to hang out together. It’s hence confusing why Tana had to use Harry Jowsey to prove some point. Or maybe she is just jealous that she can’t use the extra benefits of her friendship with Francesca anymore?

Tana could have solved the whole issue by talking with Francesca privately. Anyways, so far Tana has not said anything about Francesca’s comment. So let us know what you guys think about this new TikTok drama in the comments down below.

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