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Bryce Hall Says He Is The TikTok Version Of Jake Paul

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We need to say it louder for the people in the back ‘Bryce Hall and Jake Paul’ are pretty much alike. Some of you might be thinking that I am crazy so let’s just go through a couple of facts. Bryce and Jake are party freaks. They do a lot of crazy things to stay in the spotlight. Recently both of them were seen out and about with friends while they were pretty high. A new tabloid ‘The Hollywoof Fix’ even shared videos on their youtube channel. The Hollywood Fix asked both the guys a couple of questions. Their reply was pretty much the same. And no, Jake and Bryce were interviewed separately. Moving on, both the guys like some stripper action or maybe lots of it. And last but not the least, they are a little full of themselves. So it’s safe to say ‘Bryce Hall is a TikTok version of Jake Paul’.

How and why Bryce Hall is a TikTok version of Jake Paul?

So Bryce just posted a vlog ‘ I’m Tiktok Jake Paul‘ on his YouTube channel. And fans are going crazy in the comments sections. So let’s just jump to the vlog without any delay.

Bryce: “Recently I have been compared to Jake Paul a lot. I am apparently the TikTok version of Jake Paul according to media, and the fans, and the haters.”

Fast forward the vlog to 0:37 and see Bryce and Jake pretend to punch each other. And this punching turns into pretend smacking. But then at 0:41 Bryce actually smacks Jake’s bum like real hard.

So Bryce’s friend Nickbean made a list of questions he wanted to ask both Bryce & Jake. Just to further check if there are enough similarities between the two. So, Nick’s first question is a little sensitive.

Have more than 5 people told you to your face that you might be a sociopath?”

Bryce replies with a ‘yeah’ and Jake says a lot of people tried to accuse him of being a sociopath and we all know Shane Dawson is one of them.

Have you been canceled for doing irresponsible actions, more than 5 times?”

Now, it’s Jake’s turn to reply with a ‘yeah’ and Bryce replies with ‘You mean five this week’. Ummm ‘awkward silence’.

We are almost done with the ‘Bryce Hall-TikTok version of Jake Paul’

I enjoyed everything except this Q&A session because we already know all the answers to these questions. But anyway, it feels good to hear it from the guys who are admitting their mistakes for once.

Have you ever peed off a balcony?”

We all know Bryce peed off a balcony a couple of months ago. So we don’t really have to wait for his confirmation. Because his friend Josh interrupts him between the Q&A session and says you peed on your fans through the balcony. And Jake gives a 50-50 answer which means he might have peed from a balcony, too.

Do either one of you have more than one criminal charge pending against you?”

And once again Bryce’s dear friend Josh answers on behalf of both the content creators with a ‘yes’. And save them from further collateral damage.

“Jake does any of your properties not have power or water due to a private celebration?”

Jake replies with a no. Such a lucky dude, he didn’t have to face anything like Bryce.

And the last question was about stealing drugs, cars, and other things which both the guys denied. So we came to this conclusion that Bryce is actually a TikTok version of Jake Paul who is a little crazier. Let me know if you can find any other similarities between these two hunks. And I don’t know about you guys, but I really love their content.

Peace Out!

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