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Chris Evans Responds To Nudes Leaking, Using The Opportunity Brilliantly!

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If you’ve been on social media or the internet in the past two days, you must have heard of Chris Evans’ little accident on Instagram. If not, then let us fill you in a little. He accidentally leaked his own nudes. And that sent the internet into a virtual meltdown, quite literally. Now, Captain America has finally acknowledged the mishap. However, he used the opportunity to in a very productive way for a very important cause.

Chris Evans Responds To Nudes Leaking, Using The Opportunity Brilliantly!

On Monday, the first Avenger tweeted from his official account and responded to the controversy. And needless to say, Evans’ reaction would have made Cap really proud. He used a facepalm and shrugging emoji, gathered the attention of his 6.1 million followers (which he already had undoubtedly), and reminded them to vote on November the 3rd! That is the official date of the US Presidential Elections. The ultimate showdown between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Here’s the tweet:


Evans is not the only celebrity to call his followers to vote. Many celebrities are openly supporting Joe Biden in the upcoming elections. And Chris Evans, being the gentleman he is, used his leaked nudes as an opportunity to rally more voters for the elections. Moreover, he also announced recently that he made a website called astartingpoint.com, where he informs voters about different politicians’ stances on issues and policies. So, he has been a very helpful citizen, using his privilege and platform to inform voter bases. But, that did not stop many of his friends and fans at poking some fun at Chris Evans’ leaked nudes.

Evans’ friends react to his acknowledgment of leaked nudes

As expected, there were some really funny puns (fully intended) at Chris Evans and how he used his leaked nudes as a brilliant opportunity. Here’s Billy Eichner giving a link to some hot pics underneath his tweet:

And just below that link, a Twitter user made arguably the best pun on Chris Evans’ leaked nudes. You just can’t miss it once you see it.

Moreover, his Knives Out co-star Jamie Lee Curtis also acknowledged Evans’ efforts, tweeting:

And finally, Mindy Kaling and Jameela Jamil also commended Chris Evans’ effort. Jamil even went further and applauded Evans’ saying that he did it all for the country.


Well played, Chris.

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