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Halsey to star in new movie inspired by her own life!

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Halsey is one of the best pop singers of our time. With her very unique voice and brilliant songs, she’s quickly made a name for herself in the music industry. She’s also worked hard to achieve many award nominations! But she’s not had an easy life. The journey was a grueling one and now Halsey wants to share it with her fans. The best part about the new movie about her life is that she’s going to star in the lead role!

The movie would be like Eminem’s 8 Mile

Just like the rapper’s journey to success in 8 Mile, we will get to witness how Halsey became one of the biggest music artists of this decade. It will be a raw look into the singer’s life, personal and otherwise. Moreover, Halsey is playing herself and this will be her major leading role in acting. Before this, she’s starred in ‘A Star is Born’ for a brief cameo.

The difficult life of Halsey

Many would not know this but Halsey actually has had quite a difficult life. Her parents kicked her out of the home when she decided to pursue music and drop out of school. At that moment in her life, she was practically homeless with just $9 in her bank account. Things got so bad that she pulled all-nighters in a row because that was safer than sleeping in some random public place:

“I remember one time I had $9 in my bank account. And I bought a four-pack of Red Bull and used it to stay up overnight over the course of two or three days, because it was less dangerous to not sleep than it was to sleep somewhere random and maybe get raped or kidnapped.”

But she got invited to a hotel party where someone found interest in her music which led to her recording her first song. The song instantly became a hit on SoundCloud that brought many record labels to show interest in signing her. That essentially started her new life as Halsey, the singer.

She prefers being Halsey more than being Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (her birth name). Moreover, she doesn’t even the first 19 years of her life but she does acknowledge that she was just a stoner kid that happened to make it.

“It’s, like, 19 years of my life feel like they don’t even f*cking matter. They could’ve just not happened, like they were some weird incubatory period. I’m just this f*cked-up stoner kid who made it. I was buying my clothes at T.J. Maxx, then woke up one day and was going to L.A. to film music videos. It’s a good thing I’m a crazy b*tch, because I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if I wasn’t, you know?”

Halsey owns being biracial, bipolar, and bisexual


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The ‘Him and I’ singer has been struggling with mental health issues even before stardom. Halsey also attempted to commit suicide when she was 17, an incident in her life that she immediately came to regret. She was put in a psychiatric hold for 17 days and it was then she discovered she was bipolar. As a treatment, she was put on Lithium, which she came to hate.

“I’m not just some f*cking martyr who’s trying to make all of these lost, misfit kids feel better; I need them to help me feel normal too.”

Halsey’s also biracial, her father is Black and her mother white. Though, people often are skeptical about it and question it just like they do about her being bisexual.

She’s had multiple relationships with women but her songs have all been about men so it also leads people questioning her sexuality. But as per her, you can be bisexual and not have dated anyone ever.

The funniest thing is that the biggest battle that I’ve had to overcome in my career was not being bisexual, was not being biracial, was not being bipolar. It was everybody thinking that I was exploiting those things.”

Halsey also shared with the Rolling Stone interviewer that she suffered a miscarriage last year. The singer believes it was due to her overworking herself and being exhausted to the hospitalization almost every other week:

“I beat myself up for it because I think that the reason it happened is just the lifestyle I was living. And I wasn’t drinking. I wasn’t doing drugs. And I was fucking overworked – in the hospital every couple of weeks because I was dehydrated, needing bags of IVs brought to my greenroom. And I was anemic, I was fainting. My body just broke the f*ck down.”

She put too much of herself into her music career and that was having a negative impact on her life.

But her life has still some pretty great moments

Halsey has carved out an iconic place in the music industry with her music solely for being so talented. It’s on her merit and singing abilities alone that she’s become one of the most successful female artists.

Since storming on the music scene in 2015, she has garnered over 7 billion streams globally, 8 million global sales, has had 18 RIAA certified songs, is just shy of 100 million track sales.

Along with her gifted voice, she’s also a brilliant songwriter. That’s evidenced by the fact that most of her singles have been in the top charts. ‘Without me’ reached number 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes charts in 2018 with more than 700 million streams. Plus, her most popular song ‘Eastside’ that she co-wrote with Khalid and Benny Blanco also garnered more than 300 million streams within two months. Her song with ex-boyfriend G-Eazy ‘Him and I’ reached the top charts as well. Plus, ‘Closer’ reigned the charts for almost eleven weeks and has been certified Diamond by the RIAA. It was also given a GRAMMY nomination. Halsey’s latest album ‘Badlands’ reached number 2 at the Billboard Top 200 and was certified Platinum!


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Secret is out! After 5 years, we’re going back to the Badlands. This Friday, August 28th, I am excited to share my very first ever live album: “Badlands (Live From Webster Hall)”

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Halsey’s relentless activism

Her life has had some highs and some lows but through it, all Halsey has preserved. The main attraction for her fans may not only be just her singing and talents but her humbleness and authenticity that she pours into everything she does. She was passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement and even gave medical assistance to the protestors.


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It’s become very clear to me that some of you need to see what I’ve seen. Please swipe through this. These pictures and videos don’t even scratch the surface. It’s easy from the comfort of your home to watch looting and rioting on television and condone the violent measures being taken by forces. But what you don’t see is innocent peaceful protestors being shot at and tear gassed and physically assaulted relentlessly. You think it’s not happening, it’s only the “thugs” and the “riots”, right? The police are keeping you safe right? You’re wrong. This is happening everywhere. And innocent people exercising their rights to speech and assembly are facing violence and abuse of power. With all of our medical professionals being CONSUMED and EXHAUSTED with Covid, there is little to no medical attention available. I have first hand treated men women and children who have been shot in the chest, the face, the back. Some will lose vision some have lost fingers. I have been covered in innocent blood. My father is a black man. My mother is an EMT. This week I had to put those two associations together in ways that have horrified me. This is NOT a virtue signaling post. But I HAVE to show you what I am witnessing with my own eyes. With Trump’s decision today to enforce the mobilization of armed forces on our own citizens, this has escalated beyond your privilege and comfort to not care. Please care. We are begging you to care. This is war on Americans. This is everyone’s problem. Everyone’s. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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Seeing her journey in a movie, starring herself, would be a delight to watch.

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