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Joaquin Phoenix Offered 50 Million Dollar Deal For ‘Joker’ Sequels!

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There’s little doubt that Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as the Joker is among the most iconic in cinema history. As a method actor, his take on the clown and performance is worthy of all praises. But, it looks like we might be getting more of those performances soon enough!

Joaquin Phoenix close to signing a $50 million deal!

When the audience first saw the ‘Joker’, apart from being awed by Phoenix’s acting, they believed it to be a standalone film. But, it looks like Warner Bros. is in the mood to change that. According to the Daily Mirror, Joaquin Phoenix is very close to signing a massive 50-million-dollar deal with Warner Bros. for two Joker sequels. Their sources told them:

“Joaquin initially felt Joker was a standalone movie. But he’s changed his tune now. He says he wants to play this character again, despite the controversies that came with the release last year. It’s still being negotiated but the scripts are being written and Joaquin is very engaged with it.”

And yes, we’re not getting a sequel, but sequels. We can expect a Joker trilogy, with Joaquin Phoenix and the same old gang at the helm. The source further said:

“They plan to make two sequels in the next four years, with a long-term commitment to Joaquin and his Joker director Todd Phillips and producer Bradley Cooper. It’s all about getting Joaquin to accept the terms – and the biggest payday of his career by far.”

Warner Bros. hopes to have two more Joker films ready by 2022 and 2024. But, will Joaquin Phoenix commit long term with the studios for a character that required so much effort?

Joker was a testament to method acting

Joaquin Phoenix Offered 50 Million Dollar Deal For 'Joker' Sequels!
Warner Bros. ©

We know the length method actors are willing to go for the sake of their characters. But, Joaquin Phoenix took it to an extreme to play Arthur Fleck. In several interviews, he revealed how he only ate an apple, lettuce, and asparagus for the weight loss. Moreover, he almost abandoned socializing and realized how it almost always revolves around eating and drinking. For the duration of the film, Phoenix was only ever around Todd Philips. So, will Warner Bros. expect him to go to the same length for the Joker sequels? Or will they make the character more doable for Phoenix? Only time will tell.

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