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Will Trisha Paytas make a diss track on Gabbie Hanna?

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Gabbie Hanna and Trisha Paytas are going off on each other again. To be precise, Trisha and Daniel Keem aka Keemstar are mad on each other and showing it pretty openly. However, Gabbie might be enjoying all of those tweets with a pack of popcorns in her hands. The never-ending feud between the ladies was fueled again when Gabbie appeared for an interview on Drama Alert. During which, she confirmed she is releasing a “not-a-diss-track” diss track on Trisha. In response, Trish lost it and she shared a long rant on Twitter, as well as YouTube. Thing is, we know Trisha Paytas is a singer as well. Will she come up with a diss track of her own?

Trisha Paytas says Gabbie Hanna starts drama to promote her music

Just like all the Gabbie haters/dislikers out there, Trisha Paytas also believes that Gabbie Hanna starts drama on purpose. And most of the times, she has a solo purpose. Her newly released songs are either led or followed by a drama. Trisha believes that Gabbie does it on purpose, so that she can get clout and ultimately, increase her song views.

In fact, Trisha Paytas also believes that Gabbie is very much obsessed with her. And as per her claims, the obsession is just getting worse after May 2019, when asked Gabbie not to contact her again.

Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas wants zero association with Gabbie Hanna, but she is indulging more in the social media drama as compared to Gabbie.

She also went ahead to highlight all the “negative” qualities she believes Gabbie has:

Gabbe Hanna

In her latest vlogs, Trisha Paytas also said that Gabbie Hanna might’ve an early onset dementia. And just now, she has said that it’s getting too much for her and she will not respond to anything related to Gabbie Hanna or Keemstar.

Trisha BPD

As you can see, Trisha said that this whole drama is draining her mentally. And she is done with people making fun of her bipolar disorder. This comes from her when she is calling Gabbie Hanna a mentally ill person with an early onset of dementia.

Mental health is not a joke and no one should be making fun of it, whether it is Gabbie or Trisha. On the other hand, Trisha Paytas might claim that she is done with the drama. However, her fans believe she would be the first one to react to Gabbie Hanna’s diss track. Some even believe that Trisha Paytas might come up with a diss track of her own.

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