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Maisie Williams Shares How She Struggles With Rejection Post Game of Thrones

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Job rejections are something every person has to face at some point in their lives. However, it is difficult for us to imagine the same happening to famous movie stars. But, that is the case for Maisie Williams. The actress recently opened up about how she’s struggling with rejection and being turned down for roles ever since Game of Thrones ended.

Maisie Williams Shares How She Struggles With Rejection Post Game of Thrones
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The actress is currently featuring in Sky’s Two Weeks To Live. However, she spent the last 10 years of her life working on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Her role as Arya Stark was one of the most major ones in the show. The audience is so fond of her that they literally saw her grow up live on screen. But, that comes with its own consequences. Working on the most successful show on television didn’t give her the chance to cope with rejection. While talking to The Telegraph, Maisie Williams said:

“It is almost harder because I had never been told no. The second thing that I ever auditioned for was Game of Thrones, and that launched my career. There’s always competition, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve done, you will always lose out on roles.”

How Maisie Williams is dealing with rejections

Maisie Williams further said how she is finally coming into terms with rejection. And it is especially hard for her, considering how she became successful at a very young age, even though her work has mostly been with one show. Williams further said:

“The industry is built upon rejection. I’m definitely learning that now – how to overcome the rejection and not see it as a personal thing. But learning to be told no is really difficult as someone who’s an established actor. No one’s got time for you when you’re like, ‘Oh I didn’t get the part in this thing.’ They’re like, ‘You just came off the most successful TV show of the decade, can you hang on a minute?’”

Despite frequent rejections, Williams does have a plan about where she sees her career a few years in the future. She is setting a few goals for herself, as she told The Telegraph:

“I do have a bit of a plan for the first time. Through my whole career I haven’t set any goals, and it’s been fine, but recently I’ve been like, ‘OK, let’s try and manipulate this situation we’re in and nail down some things I want to do.’ It’s been really helpful, even from a mental health perspective, feeling like there’s some sort of direction. I’m not just floating through the world and waiting to see. Now I’ve got an idea.”

She also looks up to famous actors who worked in big franchises

Dealing with Rejections and setting a career path is quite difficult at such an age. But, Maisie Williams has a few people she can look up to. Two of them are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the lead actors in the blockbuster Twilight saga. She recently said in an interview:

“Yeah, I look up to Robert Pattinson, and I look up to Kristen Stewart. I love what they did. I mean, I love what Kristen Stewart did before ‘Twilight,’ but I really have watched so many of her movies since. I’ve really just been trying to understand what she did so well, the decisions she made and how that really affected the longevity of her career. So, yeah, I definitely do look up to the both of them, and yeah, I will be taking notes and following in their footsteps.”

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