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Shane Dawson makes YouTube Return Via Fiancé Ryland Adams’ Channel

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Shane Dawson has been offline for quite a bit now. He’s had to deal with multiple dramas and allegations all at once. He did make an apology video dealing with the racist and pedophilia content of his past jokes. Moreover, he also made a direct apology to James Charles for his part in last year’s Tati Westbrook scandal. But shortly after the video, multiple new dramas emerged which made the internet cancel Shane Dawson for good.

The drama that happened

An old video resurfaced of Shane Dawson pretending to masturb*te to an underage Willow Smith’s poster. This angered the Smith family with Jaden Smith calling him out for his behavior:


Their mother Jada Pinkett-Smith also shared the sentiments and stated that there are no excuses for such behavior.

After that, Tati Westbrook came with her video, ‘Breaking My Silence’ where she claims that she was manipulated and gaslighted into believing lies against her friend Jame Charles. The lies were allegedly fed to her by Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson.

When that video was posted, Shane Dawson came online briefly on Instagram Live and got really angry and claimed that whatever Tati was saying was not true.

After that, Shane did not post any YouTube videos or anything on social media. Though, his business is being significantly affected as YouTube has demonetized his videos. Other than that, his books have been removed in some stores and his makeup collection with Jeffree Star was removed by Morphe.

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Ryland Adams addressed the issue in an old video

Ryland did speak up on the matter and addressed the scandals that were taking place. He shared that he does understand the pain that Shane’s past actions may have caused but he was hoping that people would be willing to champion growth instead of cancel culture.

“I understand that Shane’s made highly insensitive and offensive jokes, and I know that while they were far in his past, it’s hard to separate that person from who he is today — especially when seeing them in real time and your feelings are being hurt right now. At some point, I hope that we can champion change and growth over canceling someone altogether, or going for the absolute worst on the internet.”

Now, Shane Dawson makes his YouTube return via Ryland Adams

Ryland Adams is posting a lot of content these days focusing on home renovations and makeovers. It is a close passion of his and he wanted to show his followers how he redid his bedroom:

Though Shane Dawson is not there for the entirety of the video, his presence is quite significant.

When Ryland puts the camera on Shane, he immediately exclaims:

‘Oh, this is scary!’

It turns out Shane Dawson was talking about his new haircut. Ryland also shows the viewers how Shane’s hair changed over the course of quarantine.

The couple was also discussing the fact that Shane does not like to spend much time in the bedroom and Ryland’s main motivation to redo the bedroom was so that Shane would spend more time there as well.

This leads to a discussion of Shane sharing how he did not like being in the bedroom generally because he got a lot of nightmares during the night.

it’s like i’ve talked to my therapist about it it’s a it’s a trigger a little ptsd little little trauma a little um fear a little afraid of like what’s gonna happen in the night.

The two also end up talking about hate comments. While they were discussing the bedroom’s size, Shane started talking about how he used to have a small bedroom.

Yeah, I know most bedrooms uh don’t have like from when I grew up – and I know all the comments here Shane goes you’re gonna talk about being poor – I get it i’m not poor anymore. But when I was poor having a bedroom that is a shape is like that’s already like grateful for that I know well it’s it’s a luxury.

Ryland Adams then added that they both worked hard to be in the big bedroom they are in now. To this Shane jokes:

18 years of hate comments ooh got me a big old square room.

What do fans think of Shane Dawson’s return?

There were a lot of mixed feelings in the comment section. Some fans were really happy to see Shane Dawson return on YouTube and shared that they actually missed him:

I don’t care about everyone’s witch hunt against Shane, I’m just so relieved to see him again. I can’t imagine how difficult all of this drama and hatred from strangers would be, so I’m glad you have each other’s backs ❤
Another shared:
God i have missed seeing shane on youtube! Good to see him supporting ryland and being apart of his video ❤️❤️
Though, some still didn’t understand why Shane isn’t addressing all the allegations:
I feel so thorn after watching this. It’s is the first video that I’ve watched after the scandal that has Shane in it and I am SO HEARTBROKEN because I’ve missed him sooooo much and a part of me believes that he is not the monster people are painting him to be but on the other hand it’s difficult to just not have any statement from him or anything to go off of. I know he has had a difficult past and is a person who struggles with a lot, and so do I so I have a lot of empathy for that (and yes, it’s not an excuse but it is an explanation and people can decide what they do with it). I just wish he would explain all this, I don’t like being in this state of “is this person I’ve loved for so many years a terrible human or is he okay”. Shane, me and many other people are just heartbroken and worried about you. You’ve played such a big role in our lives and we want to give you a chance, we miss you.

What do you think of Shane’s return on YouTube?

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