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Tana Mongeau Refreshes her Butt Fillers for OnlyFans?

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So while I am trying to fill my belly with some food, hot Tana Mongeau is getting her butt fillers. Umm, food and butt actually go along. But I just realized when you are shoving too much food inside you, it’s either going to make your butt cheeks a little bigger. Or it’s going to come out of your rear end which is a little more than TMI. And that’s not the kind of TMI you guys want. We all know Tana Mongeau had her fill of Kylie Jenner butt shots in April. Then a few weeks back Tana talked about getting a n*pple piercing. And now she was crazy enough to go for the Butt Fillers once again.

Tana Mongeau gets her big-booty Butt Fillers

Now we all know Butt Fillers are no fun. The last time when Tana got her Butt Fillers, her friends were there to distract her. And this time too she was accompanied by her dear friends to 7QSPA to go through the same procedure again.

Tana first went through the EMsculpt procedure which almost all the celebrities are getting these days. Basically EMsculpt burns the fats around the belly area and tones it down. After the EMsculpt procedure, Tana went for the Butt Fillers in a different room.

She was lying on her stomach and continuously talking and posting stories on her social media. Whereas one of her friends was filming the procedure, So I guess Tana might be posting another Butt Fillers vlog on her YouTube channel.

Or this time she might be posting it on her OnlyFans. Tana has been posting a lot of exclusive stuff on her OnlyFans. Recently she was also seen shading her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne to promote her OnlyFans account.

And I was literally feeling the pain when the doctor was ruthlessly injecting the Butt Fillers in her butt area. And at one point blood started coming out after the filler was injected.

It's the swollen lips for me

Tana not only got some Butt Fillers, but she also got some lip fillers as well. She posted a picture on her Instagram story with the caption, ‘It’s the swollen lips for me’.

Well, it’s the french kiss for me. Does that even make any sense? (hehe)

Let us know what you guys think about Tana enhancing her look for her OnlyFans. We have not heard any complaints so far. Which means her fans are super happy with her.

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