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Griffin Johnson exposes his “ex-girlfriend”

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People on the social media have been following Griffin Johnson, Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck a lot these days. Since the day Dixie confirmed her breakup with Griffin, she has been hanging out with Noah a lot. The paparazzi are following them around with the questions starting with “the fans want to know….”. While Griffin has confirmed he does not have any issue and he respects Noah, Noah & Dixie have confirmed that they are just really close friends. Meanwhile, a TikTok went viral where a girl was flexing that her BFF dated Griffin back in the days. He finally answered the question and addressed the relationship from his past.

Griffin Johnson addresses past relationship

The TikTok was uploaded by Sarah Kate, a TikToker. She started it off with the phrase: “my BFF dated dated a famous TikToker check”. The TikTok shows a few pictures of her BFF, Lauren Brooke, and Griffin Johnson together. None of these pictures were intimate though. She captioned the post with:

Let’s try 1 more time 🤣 @laurr.brooke ? 1 like = 1 vote for lauren to expose #griffinjohnson <3 #covidtiktokers

Griffin Johnson himself reacted to the TikTok:

@imgriffinjohnson##duet with @skchilders i feel bad for you so here ya go♬ Ew the straits found this – medium_rare_fun

Moreover, he also told The Hollywood Fix that he was only friends with Lauren. And they never dated. When The Hollywood Fix’s Fletcher asked him if that means she is exposed [for lying], Griffin said, “I guess so”.

On the other hand, Sarah Kate who uploaded the TikTok, has disabled the comments so we are unable to see what kind of comments she was getting. However, she gave a hint in her next TikTok:

@skchildersAnywho. I’m scared♬ 12 – aesthetic.slowed.audios

In another TikTok, she further confirmed that she did it for entertainment and clout, just like anyone else who is on TikTok.

@skchilders##duet with @skchilders all I have to say haha. Turned my comments off bc some of y’all are ✨hateful✨ and for what :’)♬ Ew the straits found this – medium_rare_fun

But her friend, Lauren Brooke, has a different story to tell.

@laurr.brooke& i don’t plan to. ✨ + if i did i’d get sued ✨ anyways y’all are beautiful, carry on♬ original sound – supremeaudiozz

Will she “expose” Griffin Johnson now that he has said that he never dated her. Let’s wait for it.

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