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Jake Paul’s New Song ’23’ Releasing Tomorrow

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It’s been a few weeks since Jake Paul has been MIA on social media. And by missing in action, I particularly mean he is missing some serious action by not posting any Vlogs on his YouTube Channel. Jake posted his last Vlog on the 2nd of August. After that, he decided to quit YouTube for a lot of reasons. And he mentioned one of those in a recent interview with Hollywood Fix. Jake mentioned in the interview that he will be focusing more on making music rather than vlogging. I think he is taking his music career a little seriously as he has put in a lot of effort for ‘Fresh Outta London’. And managed to gain 16 million views in a month. Now once again Jake is all set to release his new song ’23’.

Jake Paul Is Super Excited For His New Song ’23’

Jake revealed the name for the very first time on 23rd August. The Hollywood Fix’s team were lucky enough to get a hold on Jake Paul at Saddle Ranch. And asked him questions about his upcoming video.

“Ahh, sh*t, it’s called uhh 23. I think it’s called that. It’s about Michael Jordan.”

Jake was really high at that time. His friends kept on asking him to move and not to talk to the interviewers. But Jake being Jake didn’t listen to them.

And when they asked him about the release date of this new song ’23’, Jake replied:

“I think 10th September. I got a stash of songs honestly.”

So just get ready guys, Jake is going to drop some cool music every second month. He even shared a clip from The Hollywood Fix on his Instagram where the Sway House boys sang ‘Fresh Outta London’ outside Saddle Ranch.


You can also Pre-add Jake’s song on Apple Music. And if you don’t want to do that, you can pre-save it on your Spotify.

Pre save 23

Jake even shared a very heart touching message on his social media and thanked all of his fans for supporting him and listening to his music.

fresh putta london

I don’t know about you guys, but I am super excited about Jake’s new music video. Because big brother Logan Paul is also taking a part in it. Now we really don’t know if the song is about the very famous Michael Jordan. Or if it’s going to about whatever happened after Jake turned 23. Guess we will just have to wait for a few more hours.

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