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Francesca Farago opens up about dating rumors & sexuality

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Many Netflix viewers believed that the cast of Too Hot To Handle will be forgotten just like similar reality shows. However, a couple of them have really joined the influencers’ life of LA. More precisely, it’s the ex-couple of Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey. However, they are not together anymore and they are never seen together. Their breakup was all over the internet. Both gave different reasons for breakup, hence, the fans had to pick their side. Francesca is seen with Tana Mongeau a lot. Her fans got confused when Tana and Francesca kept hitting on each other. Meanwhile, she was also seen with Love Is Blind’s Damian. Who is she actually dating these days? Let’s check out.

Francesca Farago addresses dating rumors

She is very open in expressing her love and feelings for her friends. And since she kissed Haley Cureton during the show, many fans assumed she will give another chance to Haley and date her. They are still closest friends and they freely flirt with each other on Instagram posts. However, Haley has a boyfriend now. Francesca says Joey Sasso (The Circle), Mark Dohner are one of her good friends.

Apart from these, she was also seen hanging out with other people. And the intimacy led to dating rumors. Therefore, in her latest YouTube vlog, Francesca decided to come clean about all the rumors. She could not be more than friends with Vinny Guadagnino because he lives in New York. And COVID is the main villain in her love life so she is just friends with him for now.

Francesca Farago also confirmed that she was also flirting with Casey Boone and wanted to see if they could be more than friends. They kind-of-dated for a short period. However, later decided to stay just friends. Jay Alvarrez is just a friend.

Too Hot To Handle meets Love Is Blind

Just recently, Francesca was seen with Damian Powers of Love Is Blind, holding hands. And that turned out to be a false alarm by the Paparazzi, since both of them were attending a dinner with their mutual attorney.

Francesca Farago and Damian Powers met for drinks and they were joined by Damian’s attorney Alex. Alex now represents Francesca as well. So it turned out to be a business meeting for her. However, she said they got drunk over the weekend but didn’t do anything since he has a girlfriend, Giannina Gibelli from Love Is Blind. Damian’s attorney Alex is helping Francesca out for her case against Harry Jowsey.

Dating Tana Mongeau

Francesca and Tana Mongeau also stirred dating rumors. In fact, Tana said she just wanted to tease the media by pretending to date Francesca Farago. In the vlog, Francesca finally opened up about dating Tana.

She met Tana Mongeau at Cole Carrigan’s birthday dinner. And they were “more than friends”. At least that’s what Francesca believes. Whether she was more than a friend for Tana, only Tana can tell. However, they are still friends. In fact, Francesca even confirmed she had a “friends with benefits” situation with Tana Mongeau. But maintaining relationships in LA is hard so they didn’t continue the benefits part of the relationship.

On the other hand, Francesca is friends with Bella Thorne as well.

Confronting Harry Jowsey?

Francesca and Harry Jowsey have zero contact. They do not talk at all. Moreover, she went all out and said: “it’s like dead to me”. Which means, she is not planning to see him or talk to him at all. At a time they were thinking of getting married. However, it did not happen and she does not want her fans asking her about Harry Jowsey.

Stop asking about Harry, people.

Maybe they’ll be friends in the future. However, Francesca says it’s not possible currently since there is a lot of bad blood between them.

On the other hand, what she did not address, is a chance of seeing him somewhere. Harry Jowsey hangs out with the Hype House boys. And Tana Mongeau recently became their neighbor. So, if Francesca is visiting Tana some day, and Harry is hanging out at the Hype House, there is a chance they will face each other on the road.

Francesca Farago’s discusses current relationship & sexuality

Francesca Farago has further confirmed that she recently started seeing someone. But she is not going to tell his name out loud. It’s a new relationship. And she happens to be leaving for Canada soon, for a month. So she is trying to get him to go with her. But the jury is still out on that.

Meanwhile, some fans have connected the dots and believe that Francesca is currently dating Jef Holm. He also posted this picture with Francesca’s dog Romi.


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I’m a cool dad⛵️

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Discussing her sexuality, Francesca said she was always attracted to girls. Meanwhile, she always liked dating boys. After breaking up with Harry Jowsey, she has been able to do as she please. Francesca Farago believes that she can be called a pansexual. She is very open and she likes people for who they are, not for what is below the belt.

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