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NikkieTutorials & Selena Gomez’s Virtual Collab Trending Online

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Alright, so I was thinking from a few days that it’s just raining love hormones everywhere. But it’s good to see a change as two gorgeous ladies are all set for a virtual glam session. Yes, guys, you heard me right. The very gorgeous NikkieTutorials and Selena Gomez do a virtual collab for Selena’s newly launched makeup line ‘Rare Beauty’. Not just that, Selena was kind enough to try Nikkie’s eyeshadow palette ‘The Temple x Beauty Bay’. We all would have loved their collaboration if it wasn’t virtual but COVID-19 is still hovering over our heads. So we have got to be careful and make do with this virtual collaboration.

NikkieTutorials and Selena Gomez talk about some deep stuff

Let’s just take out a moment first and praise these beautiful women for acting like two responsible and mature adults. They could have easily gone for a collab which is not virtual. But they maintained the social distance and gave a beautiful virtual collab video which is trending #3 on YouTube.

Nikkie asked Selena at the start of the video about what inspired her to get started with Rare Beauty. To which she replied:

“I think the reason why I wanted to create it is that space I wasn’t familiar with. But it was also a great way of connecting with people who feel the pressure of what this world entails especially in makeup.”

We all know how a lot of people feel insecure in their own skin. Because there is this pressure which this society has built for us to look a certain way. So we shield ourselves by using certain makeup products.

While talking about Rare Beauty, Selena added that she doesn’t want to have competition with anybody.

“I want my makeup to stand on its own. I think it’s a really good product. And I think just what we are doing with mental health and how we want this brand to be is truly my mission.”

We all deal with mental health and stress in a different way. Two weeks ago Nikkie was robbed in her own home. She was not hurt physically, but mentally she was in a very bad state. So she stepped into her makeup studio and surrounded herself with makeup products. Because we all know she finds makeup therapeutic.

Some people like to paint because they find it relaxing, while others sing or dance and the list goes on.

Selena Gomez shares her thoughts about Paparazzi

We all know how everybody feels about Paparazzi these days. I personally think that celebrities are given much privacy than social media content creators these days. But let’s see what Selena has to say about ‘Paparazzi’ :

“Paparazzi, I don’t look. I know, no I don’t know. I don’t really get it. Obviously, when I was younger I was fascinated by people I looked up to, like cute boys. But I didn’t have the access as much as I do now.”

I guess we are kind of aware of these cute boys and maybe this one cute boy in particular.

“As for paparazzi, I am not really a big fan. And I think me, I am like I got a special target on my head. I think people are assuming or expecting this huge thing from me. And it’s like what do you guys not know, honestly.”

Hmmm, we all get a little annoying at times. And maybe we want to know if you’re planning to date someone anytime soon.

Selena talks about her makeup artists and exes

While talking about friendships and stuff, Selena shared that she first bonded with an amazing makeup artist Jake Bailey who is sadly not with us anymore. He shared a lot of makeup tips and tricks with Selena.

And after Jake, Hung Vanngo made his way into Selena’s life. Oh, and he is also the man behind creating lovely glam looks on Priyanka Chopra and Penélope Cruz.

Selena talks about her bond with makeup artist Hung and shares:

“Hung will be doing my makeup for my wedding, which is never gonna happen.”

Nikkie gives a super funny reply to cheer up Selena, ‘If I can find a man, anyone can find a man.” And then what Selena’s says next literally made my heart sad.

“It’s hard in quarantine. This is also not an invitation. No, It’s just funny because I release things that like say I want a boyfriend and stuff. And people like to say that, and I am like no I don’t really mean it though.

Selena further shared how are ex-boyfriends’ think about her.

“Guys are a lot of work. Every one of my exes think I am crazy so I don’t care.”

Well, sweetheart, you deserve someone who is going to love you for you. And when you will find that special person, he will never force you to change anything about yourself.

Let’s jump to Selena and NikkieTutorials’ makeup collab now

So the girls dived into the virtual makeup session by using the primer first. A lot of people appreciated this Optimist Illuminating Primer because it gives a super dewy and glowy effect on the skin.

Then they jumped on to the liquid touch weightless foundation and concealer. Nikkie went a little heavy on the foundation whereas Selena kept it pretty light.

Next, they did the brows with Rare Beauty brow pencil. And then went for a heavy blush moment. These girls not only used Rare Beauty products. But also created a very dazzling eye makeup look with Nikkie x Beauty Bay’s eyeshadow palette.

So they covered the lids first with the light neutral shade ‘Basic Truth’. And then blended the burnt orange shade ‘Mila’  in the crease.

Nikkie: “You have to grab your trustworthy tool which is your fingertip. You are just gonna dip your finger in (shade pride), rub it, and spread it on the lid.”

Selena was appreciating the super pigmented ‘Pride’ pink eyeshade and said something like one finger dip goes a long way. And Nikkie shocks everybody by saying:

“Sometimes all you need in life is one fing*r.

They also added a little drama to the eyes with Rare Beauty eyeliner.

For lips, they used the shade ‘Motivate’ which is a very subtle tone of pink. For highlighter, they used the Positive Light Liquid Luminizer. And last but not the least, these beauties locked there makeup in place with the help of Optimist 4-in-one Mist.

And here comes this beautiful virtual makeup collab to an end. Both Selena and Nikkie promised that they will be doing another collaboration real soon. And we are super excited about it.

That’s it for today guy, let us know what you think about this virtual collab?

Peace out!!

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