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Tana Mongeau is losing YouTube subscribers after apology video

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A couple of days ago, Tana Mongeau issued her long-overdue apology to Kahlen Barry and Simply Nessa. In the apology, Tana tried to make up for everything she did wrong and she wanted her fans as well as Kahlen and Nessa to forgive her. However, the apology was allegedly scripted. Tana did not seem to be herself and there were many cuts in the video. Later, Tana apologized for apologizing in not a good way. She also promised her fans that she will be back with a better apology video this time. Though we still do not know when that will happen. The fans, in fact, are so done waiting for the apology in the first place that they have started unsubscribing to her YouTube channel.

Tana Mongeau loses YouTube subscribers

Since the day she posted her apology, Tana Mongeau has lost 20k+ subscribers. Tana does not post much on her YouTube channel. In fact, she did not post anything at all from last 3 months. But YouTube was the only channel she was not focusing on. Tana was still posting Instagram stories, Tweets, uncensored explicit content for her OnlyFans as well as her regular appearances in TikToks and vlogs of many YouTubers and content creators.

Tana also used this time to shift her residence to a new place. In fact, she is a new neighbor of the Hype House. Was it her way of staying as close to a reality tv show as possible? We will get to know once the Hype reality show goes on air.

Whenever the fans reminded her of her overdue apology, she would say she is working on it. Meanwhile, she was constantly partying with her friends, hanging out with TikTokers, and flirting with Francesca Farago of Too Hot To Handle. She is also trying to hit on Addison Rae. Though to some people, that is queerbaiting but not many are calling Tana out on that. Mostly because they think she will never apologize.

After her allegedly scripted apology after months of wait, Tana is working on another apology. This time, she promised it will be raw and honest, without any cuts or editing. Tana has already lost 20k+ subscribers even though her views count is still not affected that much.

Tana Mongeau YouTube
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Meanwhile, Tana’s Instagram subscriber count is also affected. But her Twitter is pretty safe for now.

Tana Mongeau Instagram
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Tana Mongeau Twitter
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Will Tana Mongeau’s new & improved apology video help her gain her subscribers back? Let’s see when she drops the video.

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