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Ashanti’s fans want her to sue Danielle Cohn

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Danielle Cohn might be famous for her content on TikTok and YouTube. However, some also know her for her music career and singing skills. Daniele has come out with many original songs by now and her fans love her. That’s why most of them were excited when Danielle started teasing them with an upcoming song release titled “Foolish”. She kept sharing teasers of her “new song” and also launched “I’m foolish for you” merch for her new track on pre-order basis. However, when the song was finally released, it turned out that it was a cover of Ashanti’s foolish. And now, Ashanti’s fans are not happy with her allegedly false-advertised “cover”.


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Will Ashanti come for Danielle Cohn?

Ashanti is currently trending on Twitter, and not for a song release this time. In fact, it’s kind of a song release, but not by her. Danielle Cohn released her cover of Ashanti’s Foolish song. People who regularly follow her, have come forward with some very major issues. Danielle Cohn has been sharing teasers of the song with the caption “new song”. She also boosted her “song” merch on pre-order basis and many fans ordered it before even listening to the song.

Danielle Cohn


But when the song came out, it turned out to be Danielle’s version of Ashanti’s Foolish, that was released in 2009. The original song has 147M+ views on YouTube. Whereas; Danielle Cohn’s Foolish cover has 239k+ views with 10k+ likes and 17k+ dislikes.

Moreover, some people also claim that Danielle Cohn added Ashanti’s name and the word “cover” after she started getting backlash on the internet.


On the other hand, Danielle has also tried clarifying her side by stating that she remade the song as a cover. And since everyone does that, she does not know why she is getting all the hate for it.

Fans react on the internet

Many Ashanti fans did not like Danielle Cohn’s version of Foolish. Some had an issue with her song  promotional tactics. Whereas; others had an issue with her vocals and auto-tuning used in the song.

Danielle Cohn Foolish

Someone made a TikTok and asked her to remover her Foolish cover. In response, Danielle Cohn said that she will do whatever makes her happy.


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#daniellecohn comments

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These are the worst reactions she ever got for her songs.


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#daniellecohn responds to hate on cover song she did to #ashanti ☕️

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Danielle Cohn promoted Ashanti’s Foolish as “my song” on TikTok as well. And people were still not going for it.


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#daniellecohn still recieves tons of backlash on new song😬

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When people kept posting negative comments everywhere Danielle Cohn posted, she had to tweet this:


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tweeted by #daniellecohn

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And the internet reacted to it, again:

Ashanti fans

They want to know how did this happen. And if Ashanti would be filing a lawsuit against Danielle Cohn.

Ashanti has yet to respond to the Foolish cover by Danielle Cohn.

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