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Addison Rae and Zane Hijazi getting cozy?

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All right, so 2020 is giving us some literal shocks. I was just going through my Youtube feed and found out TikTok star Addison Rae and Zane Hijazi getting cozy with each other. And I was like wait, ‘what the actual bleep, bruh’. I never knew these two were hanging out together. So I scrolled through Zane’s Instagram stories and found out 2-3 TikTok videos with Addison. Now we all know Zane and David Dobrik are really good friends. And they’re also in the ‘Vlog Squad’. Zane was reportedly seeing Kylie Jenner’s best friend ‘Stassiebaby’ last November. Even if they were dating, they never made anything official. And now Zane was seeing getting real clingy with Addison Rae in Kevin Wong‘s youtube video.

Addison Rae And Zane Hijazi Out And About

So Kevin Wong (exclusive celebrity reporter and photographer) shared a video on his YouTube channel. In which Zane Hijjani is probably having dinner with his friends at Saddleranch.

So at the starting of the video, you will see Zane and Addison sharing a friendly hug. Then things turn a little interesting when Zane’s hand doesn’t move from Addison’s back and it seems like he doesn’t want to let go of her.

Then Zane let go of her and Addison is trying to make him understand something by tapping his cheek gently. Then they hug again and a fan comes by to take their picture.

Addison then sits on Zane’s lap and pose for the picture. And then the next moment the fan guy is sitting in Zane’s lap and they take a selfie together. And everybody is like ‘wait, what’?

But anyway, these two look good together as friends. And if they want to turn their friendship into something else, they can just do it.  As both of them are single at the moment.

‘Quenblackwell’ who is a really good friend of Addison and Zane also shared a very funny video of them dancing together on her Instagram story.

That’s it for today guys. Let us know what you think about Addison and Zane’s twerking skills in the video.

Peace out!!

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