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Lucifer Season 5 Takes a Tip From Supernatural to go Meta


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Ever since Netflix ‘saved’ Fox Tv’s Lucifer, the show has really upped its ante from its time as a mainstream supernatural show on Fox TV. The show has a lot more hotness, crimes, punishments, and of course, Lucifer in season 4. And fans expected nothing less from season 5. After the long wait, Netflix finally announced the season 5 part 1, and now it is out. A surprising turn of events for this part 1 of the Netflix hit was in Episode 3 ¡Diablo! where we see the producers take a page out of CW’s Supernatural.

Is Netflix’s Lucifer really copying CW’s Supernatural?

So, the episode something like this. Lucifer and Chloe (Tom Ellis and Lauren German) investigate the murder of a screenwriter and producer who runs the series called ‘Lieutenant diablo’. As it turns out, the person killed is someone who Lucifer shared his LAPD experiences with. The person made a TV series out of Lucifer’s words. So, it was something of a surprise to Lucifer as he solves the murder amidst understanding the actors and producers of the show. Supernatural had something similar to lucifer’s episode in season 6, almost a decade ago.

In their episode, Dean and Sam Winchester (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) are transported to the non-supernatural real world in a TV set. Ironically, the TV show they are acting in is also Supernatural. The two find their way back home while finding their way through the lives of being actors. It’s all very funny how they portray themselves.

We do believe the episodes from Lucifer and Supernatural were quite different in context. Even if the concept was somehow copied. What are your thoughts?


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