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Keemstar calls Tana Mongeau’ Apology Video Scripted

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So Tana Mongeau just posted her much-awaited apology video a few hours ago. In which she apologized to Kahlen Barry and Simple Nessa for her racial behavior and microaggression. A lot of fans started bashing Tana right after she posted ‘a long-overdue apology‘ video on her YouTube channel. Some of them even complained that Tana made her video restricted right after receiving so many negative comments. Anyways, things got even more complicated when ‘Keemstar’ called out Tana Mongeau for her apology video on Twitter and gave her a few suggestions.

Keemstar refers to Tana Mongeau’s apology video

Umm, I don’t even know where I should begin. So we all know that Keemstar is a popular Youtuber who gives us scoop on celebrity dramas and stuff. So when Tana posted her video for the whole world to see, Keemstar picked up a few important points and gave her a lot of suggestions.

Keemstar then called out Tana directly and mentioned all the things which were missing in her apology video.


“This apology su*ks. Alright, stop pandering to the mob, the angry mob, the cancel mob doesn’t give a flying fu*k. You said everything in this video right. You wrote it down, you wrote the script, you covered all the bases.”

Umm, we all know Keemstar is brutally honest about all the things he has shared in the video mentioned above. There are a lot of things which I cannot say here. But we all know Tana has a very bubbly personality. And she has willpower and confidence made of steel. So nothing about the apology video is Tana-like. KeemStar even referred to Tana’s past racial comments:

“And I guess the whole bases of this apology is you said the ‘N’ word 9 years ago when you were like what 13 or 14. Is that the whole basis of this apology? Didn’t you already apologize for that and stuff? You haven’t repeated anything like that. You’re losing connection with your fans.”

Tana Mongeau’s response to Keemstar’s video

Tana responded to Keemstar’s video in no time. And agreed with him that nothing about this video is Tana like. We are not really saying that her apology was scripted, but the way she is talking in the video is having a negative effect on her words and actions.

Tana's tweet

Tana further added that there were some parts in the video where she was crying and feeling low. But they all have been edited and cut because she doesn’t want to think she is being extra emotional. And a follow-up video will be dropping soon. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for that.

Last but not the least, Keemstar gave Tana some serious suggestions about her almost ending career on social media.

Talk to your fans like Tana Mongeau has always talked to her fans. Don’t do this ‘I am a celebrity and here is my statement sh*t. Because you’re quickly becoming not a celebrity. All your socials are dying. Like I cover you on drama and I get less views, happened twice. I am telling you. Stop this fake bullsh*t. Just be you, this is the only way. The internet cares about reality, not this fake sh*t. Your career is gonna end.”

Let’s see if her apology satisfies her critics or not.

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