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Tana Mongeau apology To Kahlen Barry & Simply Nessa backfires

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Tana Mongeau is once again caught under fire for her latest apology video. She just posted the video a few hours ago and a lot of fans started bashing her on twitter that the whole apology seems scripted. And some of them even complained they cannot watch the apology video as Tana has made it private. I am not taking anyone’s side here. But I have refreshed the YouTube browser five times and the video is still there.

Tana Mongeau Receiving Backlash For Her Fake Marriage and Racist Behavior In The Past

We all know that Tana Mongeau has a huge amount of following and so does Jake Paul. They both pretended to be in a fake relationship and made people believe they’re actually head over heels in love with each other.

Anyways, the whole engagement, wedding, divorce, and love act was fake. And Tana received a huge amount of backlash for that.

Meanwhile, Youtuber Kahlen Barry, a former friend of Tana released a video in which he accused Tana of making racial remarks. And then Nessa Briella aka Simply Nessa shared her side of the story regarding Tana and Shane shading her.

Tana was also heavily criticized for partying throughout with a massive number of people during the ongoing pandemic. Hence, Tana had to do something about it so she posted a story on her social media and told fans that an apology video is coming soon.

Tana Mongeau’s Apology Video

Okay, so the much-awaited apology is right here guys. And fans think Tana’s apology video ‘a long-overdue apology’ is ten times worst than Tati Westbrook’s apology video.

Tana further added that this is going to be her last apology video as she is not really good with it. She is going to take some time off her Youtube channel and focus more on herself.

“I want to express my utter disgust with every single apology video I have ever made. I am sorry for uploading them. And I am sorry for defending them. I see it clearly now that microaggressions and terrible values that I was enveloped in for fifteen years of my life.”

Tana Makes An Apology To Kahlen Barry

Life is so unfair. One moment you’re friends with somebody and the next moment you act like you don’t even know them anymore. And when your friends try to educate you on something, you bring your defense mechanism with such force that the other person gets totally shattered. This is what happened with Tana, Kahlen, and Nessa.

“I had people like Kahlen Barry specifically who called me out and tried to open my eyes and make me a better person. But I was so stuck in my narcissistic egotistic ways that I was convinced I was a good person.”

Tana further mentioned that she should have been saved by so many negative things if she listened to her friends Kahlen and Nessa.

“I let my anger, ego, and pride stop me from doing what was right. And in return, I hurt and let down so many people and hurt including Kahlen, Nessa, and all of their fans. And for that, I am so so sorry.”

While referring to all of her racist actions and doings in the past Tana mentions that she was scared of people who called her a racist. But she was never scared of making racial remarks.

Tana’s Overdue Apology To Simply Nessa

I have shared the link of Nessa’s youtube video in which she mentioned everything in detail. It was sad how do they grow apart from being such good friends.

Tana Mongeau has talked about showing receipts in the future but Nessa has shared everything in her video and talked with solid proof.

“I truly feel that Nessa and I had a lot of personal conflicts, fighting just as catty teenagers who are 16 and in high school. At that time the average 16 years old girl is going in and out of friendships. She is meeting people she doesn’t like and not getting along with people.

Tana Mongeau further adds that she wants to be a good example for her followers. And she should have held herself accountable if Nessa was accusing her of microaggression.

“As a white person, if a person of color ever accuses you of microaggression, the right thing to do is to apologize. Because who am I to decide if I made that person feel that way.”

Lastly, Tana apologized to all of us followers and fans who are following her throughout this disturbing journey. And she won’t be posting anything on her YouTube channel unless she is changed from inside out.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see how Kahlen and Nessa are going to react to this apology video.

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