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Danielle Cohn addresses hard personal questions that she avoided before

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When it comes to Danielle Cohn’s relationships and breakups, her ex-boyfriends always use her age controversy to break up with her. Later, they use it as a public explanation as well. Last year, Mikey Tua did the same thing. And just yesterday, her ex-boyfriend Ethan Fair confirmed that he was lied about her real age. Danielle claims that she is 16. And recently, she has started acting like a mature teenager as well. She has always avoided drama, confrontation and negativity. However, after confirming her abortion, Dani is stepping up and giving more to her fans now. She recently recorded a hard Q & A session, which was released after her latest drama with Ethan Fair.

 Danielle Cohn gets personal, answers tough questions

In her latest vlog titled PERSONAL QUESTIONS I Like to avoid * extremely hard*, Danielle Cohn addressed many questions raised by her fans. Starting off with the questions, Danielle confirms that her fans and followers have found most of the truth themselves through the internet. So she is done avoiding these questions. The first question Danielle answered was really deep.

How does Mikey feel about the abortion?

Many fans have been wondering about it since the time she confirmed her abortion. Even though Danielle was not in a relationship with him at the time of the abortion. However, she currently is. And fans probably wanted to know if she is in safe hands.

Danielle confirmed that she told Mikey Tua about her abortion 2 months before it was exposed (by Virginia) on the internet. After her reveal, Mikey was upset and quiet for some time. However, later he said that he has no right to be upset since she was not in a relationship with him at that time. Mikey Tua supported Danielle, and he was more focused on how she was feeling about it. He was also there for her after the truth got exposed on the internet.

More questions about the abortion

After addressing Mikey Tua’s point of view about her abortion, Danielle Cohn next addressed another tough question.

If you kept the baby, what would you name it?

PS. love you so much.

The question seems to come from a curious fan who loves Danielle, but also wants to know what could have happened in the alternate world.

She opened up about the situation in detail. When Danielle Cohn found out that she was pregnant, her first thought was what to do, not what to name the baby. She was done with the abortion within a week of pregnancy confirmation. She was stressed out and scared. However, Danielle did confirm that she has always wanted to name her daughter-Katsia. Moreover, Danielle Cohn confessed that she never wondered about baby boy names.

How did your body feel when you were pregnant?

The next pregnancy question was a bit too personal. Danielle Cohn confirmed she did not focus if her body weight was changing during that period. However, she was very hungry all the time during those initial weeks. There was also a change in her food preferences, what she liked before did not taste that good during her pregnancy. Danielle Cohn was also tired a lot in those days.

Addressing cheating rumors and comments about her mother

Next, Danielle Cohn addressed another brutal question/statement from one of her followers.

Why did you cheat on Mikey? And your mom is horrible.

Danielle Cohn gave a short reply to the statement regarding her mother, Jennifer Archambault. She said her mother is not horrible.

About the cheating accusation, Danielle confirmed that she never cheated on Mikey Tua, or on any of her boyfriends. Even though she has been in relationships back to back, however, she was always honest with her boyfriends. Moreover, she also addressed the rumor that she cheated on Ethan Fair with Mikey Tua. Danielle said that Mikey and her used to talk generally while she was in a relationship with Ethan. They never flirted, and Ethan never asked her to stop communicating with Mikey. In fact, Ethan never asked her if she still talked to Mikey.

Danielle Cohn opens up about self-harm

Someone asked Danielle Cohn if she has ever self-harmed. In response, Danielle confirmed that she has never thought about harming herself. Self-harm is common among people, however, Danielle is not one of them. She also thinks that self-harm needs to stop.

Danielle Cohn has faced many serious issues in her life. And due to that, many people believe she might have thought about doing something. Instead, Danielle confirmed she tries to stay positive as much as she can. Moreover, she also motivated people if they know someone thinking of doing self-harm, then they should get them some help.

At the end, she talked about dealing with the traumatic things that happened in her life. She kept her focus on the positive things that happened.

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