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Jackson Wang & Galantis New Song ‘Pretty Please’ Out with Music Video

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Jackson Wang is not only a member of the hot South Korean band Got7. But he is also a very good solo singer. Jackson released a solo hit ‘100 Ways‘ in March and gave us 100 ways to like him even more. Oh and he recently launched a very cool streetwear brand ‘Team Wang’. And now we are here again to add another star to Jackson’s ‘Team Wang’ label and that’s none other than his new single ‘Pretty Please’ with the Galantis.

Jackson Wang’s collaborates with Galantis for ‘Pretty Please’

So what comes to your mind when you think about these two words ‘Pretty please’. You say it when you want something from someone like real bad, right? We have to give Jackson a lot of credit for giving a super catchy title to this new single.

Let’s talk about the music video now, shall we? From the love story of the 90s to collaborating with the super energetic electronic dance music producers Galantis.

Jackson teased multiple images from the set of ‘Pretty Please’. And they all look kind of spooky with dim lights and empty alleys.

First teaser

And here is a mint moment for Jackson Wang and the power duo Galantis.

#1 Prerttyplease

The themes in the music video

Don’t you guys think there is a connection between ‘100 Ways’ and ‘Pretty Please’? Jackson is trying to find love in one way or the other. And the interesting thing is both the songs have the same actress and dancing team.

‘I was always impressed by Chinese Hong Kong movies. And for the music video treatment, I always wanted to do Chinese classic Hong Kong 90s movie concept love story.”

Now here is one more interesting thing about the song. If you watch the video of ‘Pretty Please’ with a little more concentration, you will notice a wolf in the beginning. And then throughout the music video, Jackson shows the loyalty and devotion to his lover in a wolf’s avatar.

“Wolves have always been one of the most loyal of species. They live in packs and create a strong bond with each other. The gray wolves in particular are eternally loyal.”

And now my favorite lines from the song:

“Don’t hate me give love a chance

Don’t need your heart just need your hands

Knew From the start that this won’t end

Don’t you tease me baby, please, Pretty Please”

Dayum! Now I want to sing ‘Pretty Please’ to my boyfriend who keeps on acting like a shrimp. Don’t you tease me, baby, pretty please?

Last but not the least, I think Jackson is having a thing with the actress in the ‘Pretty Please’ video. Let’s wait and see if she is going to appear in Jackson’s next song or not.

Peace out!

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