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Chris Evans Invites people to sign up to be poll workers

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Chris Evans is not only a hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but one in real life as well. As the election season is coming near, many Hollywood celebrities are encouraging people to increase voter turnout. Arnold Schwarzenegger even offered to pay for more voting polls in order to do that. But there’s another problem this time around when it comes to voting in America and celebrities like Chris Evans is highlighting that.

Chris points out that there’s a shortage of poll workers which needs to be fixed

Veep actress Julia Louis-Dreyfuss highlighted the issue of there being poll workers:

Retweeting Julia’s original tweet, Chris Evans also shared how there’s already been an increase in people signing up to be poll workers. All the while, Evans is adamant on bringing more people to sign up:


The ‘Power the Polls’ organization applauded Chris Evans for his efforts:

More poll workers are extremely important for the upcoming elections

Democracy in America is going through a difficult phase right now. However, many people from all across the board, regardless of their political beliefs, are coming together to protect their democratic right to vote.

Voting is going to be hard this year because of the pandemic. It has led to a huge shortage of poll workers. The commissioner of the US Election Assitance Commission, Benjamin Hovland, shared:

 “What we’ve heard from election officials is just a massive dropout of poll workers. That has real consequences. You can’t open polling places if you don’t have poll workers.”

It should also be noted that many of the usual poll workers are often old. Due to the virus breaking out, poll workers that are of old age are considering not working in the poll stations due to the fear of getting the virus. That is why it is extremely crucial for many young people to go out and sign up to be poll workers, as pointed out by Chris Evans and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

You can visit ‘Power the Poll’s official site here to sign up and find more information.

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