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Caitlyn Jenner reveals she struggled with her identity even as a kid

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Everyone remembers this member of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan. Caitlyn Jenner has often come in headlines for her journey from Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner ended up transitioning into her true identity as a woman at the age of 65 which came as a shock to many. However, many are supportive of her and she’s recently been very open about her struggles. In a recent interview, Caitlyn Jenner reveals how she struggled with her identity even as a young kid.

Caitlyn Jenner explains that she struggled with an identity even at a very early age

On the podcast with Rob Lowe, Caitlyn elaborates on what she felt when she was growing up:

“I was never comfortable with my identity, even as a very young kid. Parents would leave, I was fascinated by my sister’s clothes, never comfortable in my own shoes, fascinated with all that kind of stuff. But, you keep your mouth shut, you know?”

Caitlyn Jenner also explained that when she was thinking this, it was the 1950’s and the 1960’s. So, people didn’t even have a proper word for it, let alone an understanding of gender transitioning. Hence, Caitlyn Jenner only did what she could do, distract herself to suppress the feelings. In an effort to do that, the ‘I Am Cait’ star turned to sports because that was the one thing you could do to prove your masculinity. Caitlyn also admits that her struggle with her authentic self was always present within her.

But ultimately, she did try to understand herself more and confront her identity

Caitlyn Jenner shares that was trying her best to deal with her identity and even though she would transition before turning 40. Initially, she just underwent electrolysis and hormones. That was the time the public and the media started noticing her appearance changing from a man to a woman. But for a while, she did make her gender transitioning process a bit private:

“I would cross-dress and go out, but I never ever talked to anybody. And I never talked to anybody, never did anything, never went anywhere, just drove around, you know? I got pretty good at it, so I never got caught.”

Caitlyn also opened up about the fact that when she was coming into terms with who she really was, she became an absent parent:

“Those years, I was not a good parent. I had four kids. And I was too busy struggling with my own issues and my own self. I very much regret that, that I wasn’t there more for my young kids.”

She also explains that her divorce with Kris Jenner was not just because of her gender transition, sharing that there were also some other issues at play.

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