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‘Robin’s Wish’ | Documentary about Robin Williams is Out Now

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Mrs. Doubtfire playing beloved actor Robin Williams tragically took his own life in 2011. Ever since then, Robin’s family and members of the industry have worked on a documentary to understand Robin’s condition. With the circumstances, Robin did not know what was happening to him as he mentally deteriorated in front of the eyes of his loved ones. Heartbreaking at the very least. His depression, the emotions of his family, and the views of those around him in his last months are put together in a documentary called ‘Robin’s Wish’. The movie clears up a lot of the unexplained happenings from the Night at the Museum actor’s disease. The documentary aims to clear up the dire problems that come with what Robin had. According to reports explained in it, he was suffering from Lewy body dementia.

‘Robin’s Wish’ Documentary reveals the actor’s troubles

The days around his suicide, a big question from the shocked and disheveled entertainment world was, what happened to him. As the act itself is a result of utter hopelessness and disappointment from life, there were several follow-ups. Hollywood production teams started to review their words and ways in the movies and shows. Meanwhile, the documentary shows his now widow, Susan Williams as she explains the devastating days. The documentary, ‘Robin’s Wish’, discloses how they discovered about Lewy Body Dementia after his death. They show how he forgot lines during shoots, spaced out for an abnormal amount of time, and more. His wife thinks that his depression came from not understanding what was happening to him. He slowly gave up on himself with no clue about what was going on.

The film gives you an insight into Robin’s marriage in a way you wouldn’t have imagined. And so, with the experience, it is not a surprise that IMDb rates it 8.4/10. It is now available to watch on your Amazon Prime, Google Play Store, Vudu, and several other streaming platforms. The ‘Robin’s Wish’ documentary may not be as compelling as ‘Robin Williams: Come Inside my Mind’, but it sure hits in its own way.

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