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Kim Kardashian gives birth to Kylie Jenner in leaked Kanye West’s video

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We never found out who leaked the Taylor Swift-Kanye West recorded call. However, we do know who leaked the official music video of Tyga and Kanye West’s 3-years-old song Feel Me. The actor and cinematographer, Eli Russell Linnetz, just leaked the official video of Kanye’s song that was released in 2017. Why is he releasing the video after 3 years, we do not know it yet. However, thats’ not the main issue at the moment. Thing is, the video focuses on Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, both clad in underwear. That’s not all, the ending of the music video has many people confused.

Kim Kardashian gave birth to Kylie Jenner?

The official music video of Feel Me shows giant sized Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian playing with monster trucks as toys. We see more clips of Kylie and less clips of Kim in the video. Kylie has a pixie cut whereas Kim Kardashian has a hair length upto her shoulders. Both look smashing hot in the video. And it was all fun until Kim Kardashian opened her legs and Kylie Jenner walked out of Kim’s censored lady parts.

Yes, it did happen. That was pretty bizarre, to be honest. The music video shared by Eli Russell Linnets has only 1k+ views so far. But the internet is already reacting to it on Instagram since Eli also posted the same video on his IGTV. He switched off the comments option on YouTube.

Even though people are mostly working from home these days, the video is still not safe for work.

Kylie Jenner

Many fans appreciated Eli’s work on Kanye West & Tyga’s feel me.

Kim Kardashian

And some thought Kylie is giving birth to herself at the end of the video because Kim Kardashian’s pixie cut matches Kylie’s.

give birth

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kanye West have not yet responded to the leaked music video of Feel Me. Have you seen the video yet? What do you think of the whole situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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