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Tana Mongeau and Bradley Martyn making their moves on Addison Rae

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Alright, so we all know that Addison Rae and Bryce Hall parted ways a couple of weeks ago. Just like Griffin Johnson, Bryce was also seen cheating on Addison. And the fact that his own girlfriend was not invited on his Birthday Bash is a little surprising and disappointing. Anyways, Addison is spotted a couple of times with Charlie, Dixie, Noah Beck, and Lil Huddy. And all the guys are giving her some space. But Tana Mongeau is being ‘Tana’ and trying her best to make smooth moves on Addison. Well, first we thought it’s just Tana. But now ‘Bradley Martyn’ is also seen making his moves on Addison through a TikTok video just like Tana. Dear Bryce, what were you actually thinking while parting ways with Addison?

Tana Mongeau wants Addison Rae to give her some attention

So firstly, Tana Mongeau was seen making her moves on  Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Fargo who is Harry Jowsey’s ex-girlfriend. They were spotted together a couple of times. Then Tana was hanging out with ex-boyfriend and pretend ex-husband ‘Jake Paul’. These two are currently on a break now.

You guys might be thinking okay that’s it for today. But no, Tana tried a couple of times to gain Tayler Holder’s attention. As these two share some history. Last but not the least, Tana is trying her best to annoy Bryce Hall while making moves on his ex-girlfriend ‘Addison Rae’.

Everything is so confusing. But bear with me guys, I will just share one of Tana’s TikTok videos here so that you can get an idea of what I am actually talking about.

Tana captioned the video in a very hilarious manner:

“I should not be allowed to have TikTok.”

You make good stuff Tana, so don’t even think about leaving the app. As millions of fans are waiting for the final WAP performance.

Tana and Addison duet

This one kind of cracked me up. Tana is trying so hard to get Addison’s attention. Anyways, Addison has not responded to Tana’s Tiktoks yet.

Bradley Martyn is trying to get Addison Rae’s attention too

Fitness instructor/social media star bodybuilder ‘Bradley Martyn’ takes help from Griffin Johnson for making this TikTok. You will have to watch Griffin’s latest vlog ‘Did Bradley Martyn’ steal Addison‘ and come back.

@bradleymartynwhat you got to say? @brycehall @addisonre♬ Lets Link – WhoHeem

Umm, at the start of the video, ‘Bradley’ points his fingers towards Addison’s picture and the music goes like ‘I like you. I don’t care about your boyfriend.’ And the next thing you will see is a video clip of Bradley tackling Bryce on the floor.

Griffin helped Bradley in posting the video. We don’t really know who decided the caption though.

“what you got to say ? @brycehall @addisonrae”

Both Bryce and Addison have not made any comments on the video. And if you go through the comments section in this video, you will get pretty shocked by looking at brutally honest remarks from the fans.

Anyways, that’s it for today guys. Stay tuned for more updates on Tana and Bradley’s attempts to get Addison’s attention.

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