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Black Mirror Episode in 2011 predicted our 2020 lives

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Well, 2020 has completely warped our sense of time and reality. We don’t know what’s real anymore. You know why? Other than the fact that the world is completely broken right now, most of the crazy scenarios that happened this year have already happened before. In an effort to be creative, Hollywood unintentionally freaked us the hell out with their high accuracy of prediction. The Simpsons predicted Tom Hanks getting the coronavirus, and now, fans are coming to realize that Black Mirror predicted our 2020 reality.

The Black Mirror episode in 2011 features awards show with a similar audience

Well, Black Mirror was meant to be fiction but it also had some grounds in reality. So, essentially it presents us with a different futuristic reality in each episode where technology has transformed our lives. This Black Mirror episode aired in 2011, it’s called ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ and was the second episode of the first season.

In the episode, we see a dystopian world where people are surrounded by screens all day. That seems like our life even before the pandemic hit, but there was a key difference. In this reality, the members of society don’t get paid in money. They get paid in ‘merits’ and use that to purchase everything, from food to anything else they want. The people have to cycle in order to earn those merits. So, basically it’s a highly boring and hellish life for everyone.

Black Mirror Cycles Episode

When does it start resembling 2020

Well, there are some ways this dystopian reality provides entertainment for the miserable members of society. There’s a reality competition show, much like America’s Got Talent, called ‘Hot Shot’. One of the characters, Bing, convinces this woman he meets with a great voice, to go on the show.

The thing is, only the judges and the competitors can be seen in person. The rest of the audience is well, virtual.

Here’s what it looks like:

Black Mirror Audience

The audience is there but via a Bitmoji version. They’re not physically present.

That’s eerily similar to how award shows and sports events like the NBA events and VMAs are taking place now:

The pandemic has made social distancing a norm. So, that means people cannot be in close proximity to each other. Instead of bitmoji, the real face of the audience member appears on the screen. But I think we’re pretty much close to it.

Look at the Awards shows too:


Yikes! The joke about 2020 being a Black Mirror episode became too real. Hopefully, the world can come up with a vaccine soon and end this weird reality we are all living in.

I do recommend watching the episode yourself as it does pose some serious questions about society.

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