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What’s going on between Jake Paul, Erika Costell and Tana Mongeau?

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So, it seems like Jake Paul is back with his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell. Either the two of them have officially got done with their post-breakup drama. Or they’re just pretending to be together because that’s what they all do. Now even if Jake Paul actually falls in love with somebody, fans won’t believe him even for a second. Jake Paul even unfollowed everybody on his Instagram except two people. And seems like ex-pretend-wife Tana Mongeau is not happy about it. As she just unfollowed Jake after a video started circulating on the internet in which Erika is getting cozy with Jake.

What’s cooking between Jake Paul and Erika Costell?

So Jake’s friend Jon Marianek posted a video on his Instagram story. Now let’s take a look at the video first and then talk about it in detail.

You can clearly see the intimacy between Erika and Jake. She is sitting on his lap. And we don’t even want to know the rest of the story.

Jake even posted a picture on his Instagram with a very silly caption:

“I can’t @ her cause I am still blocked.”

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I can’t @ her cause I’m still blocked

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Well, they look good together. But we don’t really know if Erika is going to stay for a while or maybe longer than that. Jake’s caption explains that he is still in Erika’s block list.

Jake and Erika started seeing each other after Jake broke up with his girlfriend Alissa Violet in 2017. Jake’s relationship episode with Erika is not any different than his relationship with Tana Mongeau. He pretended to be in serious relationships and later told his fans he was just pretending.

Tana Mongeau Is Not Happy With Jake Cozying Up To Erika

Jake’s friend Jon posted another video on his Instagram story. In which Jake is saying ‘my side chicks are mad’. And when Jake reposted his friend’s Instagram story, Tana unfollowed him on Instagram.

Tana and Erika were on good terms. They were also following each other on social media. But now they have unfollowed each other as well. So we don’t really know what’s happening between Tana, Jake, and Erika.

Let us know what you think about Jake’s reconciliation with Erika. Do you guys think he is pretending to be with her on good terms? Or is he doing it for the sake of views and followers?

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