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Alyssa Milano Reveals She Used To Admire Ivanka Trump!

But now, the Charmed actress says "it's sad to see what she's evolved into".

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It’s a fact that Alyssa Milano has no love lost for anyone of the Trump clan. Be it President Donald Trump or his daughter Ivanka. However, that wasn’t always the case. More than half a decade ago, Alyssa and Ivanka were big fans of each other. Alyssa recently tweeted and posted on Instagram about how their relationship soured.

Alyssa Milano recalls the time she was Ivanka Trump’s “girl crush”

Alyssa Milano Reveals She Used To Admire Ivanka Trump!
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The Charmed actress turned to Instagram and talked about her brief encounter with Ivanka Trump back in 2015. Moreover, she also shared the screenshot of a tweet where Ivanka confessed of having a “girl crush” on Alyssa Milano. Ivanka even said that Alyssa was “one of the first people I followed on Twitter”. Alyssa wrote in her post:

I met Ivanka Trump when I was hosting Project Runway All Stars, she told me I was her hero. 

And sure enough, the feelings were mutual from Alyssa’s side as well. As she also tweeted back in 2014, saying:

It looked like a really strong and unbreakable bond between the two women. Alyssa once even tweeted how Ivanka is “sweet as pie”. However, all that changed after 2016. When Ivanka Trump tweeted those praises for Alyssa Milano, she was just a private citizen working for her father, Donald Trump. In 2015, however, everything changed after Trump announced that his run for President of the United States.

As Donald Trump’s campaign progressed and he won the race for The White House, he introduced a lot of policies that went hard on sensitive issues like race relations, the judiciary, immigration, and LGBTQ+ rights. However, it was the unwavering support of his children, especially Ivanka Trump, that had them rattled.

When Ivanka betrayed liberals

It really hurt a lot of liberal activists and supporters to see one-time Democrat supporter Ivanka’s fall from grace. And it’s not just that. She even actively took part in her father’s administration and defended his sexist and problematic policies that she once spoke against. And Alyssa Milano has repeatedly tweeted directly to Ivanka, who later unfollowed her on Twitter, asking her:

Alyssa also called out Ivanka when Trump was going to appoint Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice without an investigation on Professor Christine Blasey Ford’s claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her during a high school party in the 1980s.

However, Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Bench, without any investigation. That was when Alyssa Milano tweeted:

Alyssa Milano continues to be astounded by this change in Ivanka Trump. And as a result, Alyssa also included this in her caption:

I’m sad to see what she has evolved into.

At the ending of her caption, Alyssa urged all her followers to support the Democratic Party Nominee, Joe Biden. November is all set for the ultimate showdown between Trump and Biden, with both the parties terming it the “Battle for the soul of America”. But, we’ll have to see what America has to say this time around.


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