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Harry Styles’ ‘Adore You’ gets snubbed in VMAs 2020

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fter his solo career took off after the hiatus of One Direction, Harry Styles proved that he had many artistic talents to offer the world. With major hits like ‘Sign of the Times’, he became a singer worthy of awe. His artistic talents are unmatched as they have a voice of their own. The artist is also creative when it comes to his music videos as well, which is why it’s surprising that he won no awards this time at the VMAs 2020.

Harry Styles was nominated for three awards for music video ‘Adore You’

The singer surprised everyone with his new creative music video ‘Adore You’ from his latest album ‘Fine Line’. It was not just a music video, it was a complete movie. Harry Styles created a whole new island just for the sake of the video. The visuals, direction, and everything about it was so magical and surreal. That’s why it was not a surprise when ‘Adore You’ was nominated for the Best Direction Nomination, Best Visual Effects, and Best Art Direction.

The ‘Isle of Eroda’ featured odd fishermen and quirky townspeople with strange weather and interesting culture. But it also features a beautiful story of ‘The Boy’ (played by Harry Styles himself) and a fish. The Boy is different, he has too sparkly teeth, which leads to people shunning him out. He’s lost all hope but he finds and saves a baby fish that ultimately grows up in his care. At the climactic part of the video, we see how The Boy is joined by the very townsfolk that shunned him away to save the fish. Everyone comes together for a great cause! It also leads to other happy moments such as a marriage between two neighbors, the town embracing its weirdness, and a general aura of happiness.

It’s unbelievable that Harry Styles’ ‘Adore You’ won no awards

The musical artist came up with an extraordinary idea, coupled with amazing vocals and a deep message in the ‘Adore You’ music video. The visual effects were interesting and elevated the message the song was trying to convey. The art direction by Laura Ellis Cricks and the direction of the video by Dave Meyers was pulled off effortlessly. The general dark theme of the Island of Eroda was showcasing the hopelessness The Boy faced. Then as he meets the fish and gets something to love and adore, his life starts to change and the video reflects that using clever devices. We see The Boy having to keep expanding the container to put his fish friend in. Until ultimately he has to let the fish go swim in the ocean. The storytelling devices were brilliant and it made the music video all the more artistic.

The best direction nomination award went to Taylor Swift’s The Man music video directed by the singer herself. That was certainly well deserved for Taylor as the ideas were original and the video held an important political message. Meanwhile, Best Visual Effects and Best Art Direction awards went to Dua Lipa’s Physical and Miley Cyrus’ ‘Mother’s Daughter’ respectively. While these music videos all did a great job it was disappointing Harry Styles’ ‘Adore You’ didn’t manage to score even one award.

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