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Marvel Fires Star Wars Writer Chuck Wendig Over Vulgarity

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It seems like Marvel decided to fire the Star Wars writer Chuck Wendig. The news was confirmed by a Marvel representative but they decided to not say any further on the subject. Apparently, the decision stems from some vulgar tweets of Chuck Wendig that recently surfaced. And in fact, his Twitter account was also suspended for five hours. Wendig has used Twitter to make a series of tweets explaining the entire Marvel issue. Not just that, but also a long-running campaign of harassment. By the looks of it, things are going to get really interesting as we dig deeper into Chuck Wendig’s Twitter.

The Real Story…

At the New York Comic-Con, Marvel announced that Star War writer Chuck Wendig would be writing a Darth Vader miniseries. But only a week later, Wendig claimed that he was removed from the project. And not just this one, but also from an unannounced Star Wars book.

Chuck Wendig Releases ‘Star Wars’ Details

In a series of twitter posts, Chuck Wendig said that he was fired from the Marvel projects because of his negative and vulgar tweets. Apparently, he brought on too much politics, negativity, and vulgarity. Wendig said that he avoided talking about all this. But now that people have realized that he is no longer a part of those Marvel projects, it was time, to be honest. Then, he went into a flashback of the time that Star Wars: Aftermath came out. For those who know about it, Wendig added some LGBT characters in there. But unfortunately, some portions of the fan base did not take them really well. The time when the book came out, Facebook and some other social media sites were taken up with negative campaigning.

Chuck Wendig said that he did not realize what was happening at that time. It was midnight and Star Wars was already piling up 1-star reviews. Then, the Star Wars writer started receiving tons of harassment. It started coming out from almost all corners of the internet and to the extent that he had to get the local police in on it. Wendig said that some of it were just creepy while the other lot was mostly personal. When he started doubting if there was a problem with his Star Wars, it stayed on top of the list. Now that ratings were great, Chuck Wendig had no reason to doubt his work.

At the same time, Wendig was praised by Marvel for speaking for himself as well as for Star Wars. Ending his tweets, Wendig advised everybody to be concerned about people with less power and more marginalized voices.

So, Why Did Marvel Fire Wendig?

Well, Marvel claimed that it was because the Star Wars writer was too political. And that’s really true if you’ve taken a look at his Twitter. He had always gained light as representing the LGBT community especially after he introduced a gay character. Moreover, he has been speaking out against everyone who disparaged queer representation. But things got worse as Brett Kavanaugh was nominated as the US Supreme Court Justice. Wendig decided to vent his feelings about the current political climate on his Twitter.

Although Marvel has not stated that his political and vulgar tweets are the real reason, the studio confirmed that it had parted ways with Chuck Wendig. Disney and Penguin Random House have been reached out for additional comments, but we’re still waiting for the word.

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