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Ryan Adams Apologizes For Savage Mandy Moore Tweets

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The popular musician Ryan Adams made some tweets about his marriage to Mandy Moore. And that too, after their divorce. Although his comments were an attempt to be funny, that’s really not how the audience perceived the scenario. In reality, the tweets stemmed as a reaction to Mandy Moore’s Glamour interview where she discussed her failed marriage. Showing remorse at his previous tweets, Ryan Adams issued a public apology. And admitted that this was his way of being funny. But now he also claimed to remember the good moments from their marriage. The tweets were purely savage and nothing but shameful coming from Ryan Adams.

What Really Happened?

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams got married in 2009. But the couple opted for divorce a few years later in 2015. When talking to the Glamour Magazine, Mandy Moore referred to her marriage with Ryan Adams as not her smartest decision. Further, she said that she did not make the best choice. In retaliation, Ryan Adams responded with his own set of tweets that contained little respect for his ex-wife.

In a now-deleted tweet, Adams claimed that he did not even remember marrying Mandy Moore. He wrote that,

When someone told me we got married I thought they were joking. Then I realized how many painkillers I was taking. Honestly there weren’t enough to numb the shock. Gollygooops.

But Ryan Adams did not just stop there. He made another tweet saying that none of the love songs he wrote were about Mandy Moore. In another tweet, he mentioned that he was doomed from the start.

The other sets of tweets gave everybody a reason to worry about.

On Friday, Ryan Adams issued out an apology for his tweets and also for the worry he caused. He admitted that he was seeing a counselor for grief. And that depression and anxiety were very real so if needed, anybody should reach for help. In another tweet, he said that he was trying to be funny.  But will always continue to remember the good times from their marriage. He said that he was happy for everyone and trying to do his best.

It’s okay if people choose to take different ways and end up in divorce. But behaving like this after splitting up or issuing mean remarks publicly is just shameful. Let’s just hope that Ryan Adams is well and gets over the divorce.

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