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Riverdale Returns Back In Full Form With Season 3


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There’s good news for all the Riverdale fans. It’s back with season 3. But that’s not just it. This time Riverdale has turned up the heat with much more skin and mysteries. And if possible, season 3 has much more drama as well. That sounds really hard to believe doesn’t it? Every season has brought some anxiety with it previously. However, season 3 has reached inexplicable heights as it’s more ridiculous and fascinating than we could have imagined. But what really happened that it has made the premiere the topic of discussion everywhere we go? And has it really been worth all this hype?

What Did Riverdale Season 3 Bring?

Season 3 opened up with its 36th chapter titled ‘Labor Day’. It’s the end of summer before junior year in high school and the gang is ready to pick up all the problems right where the last season left it. Archie got arrested for murder where season 2 ended while Betty got in to know the shocking identity of the Black Hood. At the same time, Jughead almost died due to his Serpent King duties. But Veronica was still having troubles with her father. That’s pretty much the gist of the last two seasons, and even when it sounds dull, the show has been full of surprises, mystery and unimaginably complicated drama.

Archie has done a lot of stupid stuff these past two seasons. And now that he is in a court room facing trial, the defense attorney will bring it all up. But his friends and mom who is also his lawyer believe his innocence. And in fact her mother reminds us of a few things that actually make us like the exceptionally dumb character. But the trial won’t go as easy as you think. Riverdale is going to delay giving us the real answer and a lot more is going to happen during the way.

However, there is a feeling of hopelessness associated with the scene. Why is everybody preparing Archie for his time in jail? And why is nobody bothering to talk about the year ahead? Maybe it’s because the premiere takes up the duty of reminding everyone what has previously happened throughout in the series. Thankfully, season 3 is not going to focus on Riverdale’s infamous Archie. It will feature the mysterious happenings that will plague their town this year. That part of the story will revolve around mysterious cult-like farm commune Alice and Polly. As Betty resist the attempts of her mother and sister to enter the commune, things get pretty wild in Riverdale.

Every single character has their own story going on. Without spoiling any part of it for you, the episode concludes with Betty returning home to find some strange ritual taking place in her backyard. Polly and Alice are burning Polly’s twins over the fire and as they drop them, Betty screams. But for some strange reason, the babies do not fall. Rather, they move towards the sky.

Probably figuring out how this really happened or what did it even mean is how Riverdale fans will spend the rest of the week. The premiere kind of started slow. Maybe it was giving us time to recover and then fall right into this season. But one’s thing is for sure- Riverdale is back. And that too in it’s complete and best form!

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