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Kanye West Visits the White House: Dystopian World Achieved

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The US midterms are approaching soon. Political tensions in the country were already pretty high. But everything has been even more complicated ever since Brett Kavanaugh was nominated. And suddenly, things are taking a different turn than what we were expecting. On Thursday, Kanye West visited the White House as a potential policy adviser was welcomed by conservatives. And the speech he delivered after his work-lunch has somewhat taken away the spotlight from President Trump. Something he might not really be appreciating! Kanye West has surely received great backlash now that this has been added to his list of recent failures. But situations worsened to the extent that the controversial rapper had to delete all of his social media accounts.

What Happened In The White House Visit?

Kanye West visited President Donald Trump in the dining room of the Oval Office for a lunch meeting on Thursday. Ivanka Trump and her husband who serve as political advisers to Trump were also present in the White House meeting. During the discussions, Kanye West praised Trump for calling off the war with North Korea. He considered it one of the greatest problems, and as per him, Trump had saved the planet. Moving further, he appreciated the reforms that Trump brought to the criminal justice system in America.

During his White House visit, Kanye West wore his ‘Make America Great Again Hat’. Previously, he has been criticized for wearing it. However, the rapper claimed that it gave him power in a certain way. And that he did not have a lot of male energy in his own family when he grew up. When he got married to Kim Kardashian, he did not find a lot of it in that family either. So now Kanye West refers to his controversial hat as a superman cape. Other topics that he touched in his 10-minute speech included the 13th Amendment, sentencing, manufacturing and mental health. The rapper even claimed to be in 98th percentile in terms of IQ.

Kanye Recalls His SNL Speech

During his White House speech, Kanye West also called out to the latest edition of Saturday Night Live. Something that SNL surely regrets! Apparently, Kanye West believes that,

What I need Saturday Night Live to improve on and the liberals to improve on is if he don’t look good, we don’t look good. This is our president. He has to be the freshest; the flyest planes; the best factories and we have to make our core be empowered.

After the speech was over, Trump appreciated it saying it was pretty impressive. To that Kanye West replied saying it came right from the soul. And that he just channeled it. So, we are probably wondering the same thing. Let’s see if this will help them get some votes in the US midterms.

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