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Dev Patel doesn’t want to play James Bond for a Valid reason

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Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel recently opened up about how he is really not interested in playing James Bond. And the reason for it is actually quite valid and opens up the discussion of diversity in Hollywood.

Dev Patel doesn’t want to be the token brown James Bond just for the sake of diversity

When it was confirmed that Daniel Craig is going to play James Bond only one last time with ‘No Time to Die’, people started to wonder who the next Bond will be. Many people were hoping that it would be different from a white cis male. That’s when the rumors of a Black James Bond in the form of Idris Elba got really popular. People were absolutely loving the idea, especially because the Elba is known for his action movies.

Unfortunately, Idris Elba shut down all the rumors of him being James Bond. Much to the dismay of fans. But then people started to wonder if there will be an Asian James Bond with many expressing their desire for Dev Patel.

But Dev shared that Idris was more suited for the role:

“My vote is for Idris on that one. I mean, you don’t want me blasting through a door with a Walther PPK to try to save you. I’ll do the comedy version with Armando. I just think the best person for the role is what it comes down to. I also don’t want to be gifted a role, just because of the tokenistic nature of me being a garnish — ‘Let’s sprinkle some diversity into this!’ That doesn’t make me feel good either. If it works for the story, and I feel like I can bring some truth out of this role or embody it well, then that’s what it should come down to.”

Patel brought up the fact that he would just make it into a comedy movie and that’s not the theme of James Bond movies. Moreover, he didn’t just want to be given a role for the sake of diversity. He only wants to do roles that he can do justice for.

That’s actually a very valid point and reason for Dev Patel not choosing to be the next James Bond. Although it sucks to not see Dev as agent 007, he’s still going to appear on many big movies and TV shows.

Dev Patel loves to explore with his acting

There might be a long way to go to full erase the diversity gaps in Hollywood, many Asian celebrities have established their careers in the industry. One of the main ones is Dev Patel. The actor recently starred in ‘The Personally History of David Copperfield’ based on the Charles Dickens novel. The movie is going to come out this month and it’s very interesting to see because David Copperfield was a white character in the book. The colorblind casting of Patel actually adds an interesting perspective in the story. Dev is someone who has usually been cast in major movies ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘Exotic Marigold Hotel’, and ‘Lion’, portraying an Asian man. Those roles were written for Asian men to portray. But in the upcoming movie, he gets to play a character that was originally a white man:

“Professionally, I’ve existed in a bit of a no man’s land, sort of neither here nor there. What you do as an actor is, you want to be able to explore. The very nature of our job is to be able to step into different skins and be other people. This is the truest of that form.”

The movie comes out on 28th August 2020.

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