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James Charles does House Tour Video Finally

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The wait is finally over guys. James Charles has finally posted the house tour video on his YouTube channel. And can we all just take a moment and praise the amount of hard work he has put into his YouTube channel, Sisters Apparel website, and collaboration with makeup brands. This is just not it. James Charles is also the only makeup influencer who joined hands with YouTube for reality-based makeup competition show ‘Instant Influencer’. So we can just cut everything short and say James really deserved an upgrade on the house.

James Charles’ New House Is Dreamy

So let’s jump onto James’ very first house which he has bought a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and he is Logan Paul’s new neighbor, too.

You can watch the ‘I Bought My First Home! 2020 House Tour’ over here:


“A few months ago I revealed to you guys on my Instagram that I actually purchased my first ever home. Which have been my biggest dreams since I was a little kid. And it has been my number one goal since I actually started social media.”

James further mentioned that he actually bought the house last year in November. And since then he has been working on getting it renovated and decorated. And now that he is finally done with everything, he is ready to give us a grand tour.

Now can we all just take a moment and appreciate the color theme of the formal living room. And the formal dining room is so elegant. I am literally in awe with all the pictures on the walls from James’ school days tour to Africa.


Oh, and  I can’t handle the cuteness anymore. James has actually filled the wine-seller with his favorite drink ‘Coca-Cola’.

And then the office, kitchen and the living room is yet again very simple and elegant. All the decorations and furniture are using a minimal amount of space. You will also notice how the cool white, cream, and bamboo tones are complimenting the dark tones like beige and black. James’ interior designer ‘Leclairdecor’ has done a super fantastic job.

Let’s Jump To The Bedrooms Now

So there is a bedroom which is turned into a changing room. And then comes Louis’ bedroom with lots and lots of cool kicks. Trevor’s bedroom has a very beautiful study table. And both the rooms are mostly white.

Can I just say that I am in love with James’ four-poster bed? It again has lots of beachy and cool tones. And the chandelier is totally kicka*s. And the master bath is super cool.

The costume closets are super amazing. Everything is super organized. The patio is so so so beautiful and huge with a lovely view. And we just had a quick glimpse of the Sister Studio and swimming pool.

Last but not least, there is a huge giveaway to celebrate 20 million subscribers on YouTube. And the giveaway is actually one hundred thousand dollars.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the lucky winner of the giveaway.

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