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Gabbie Hanna is writing a song about Trisha Paytas!

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We know that Gabbie Hanna isn’t exactly on the best terms with her fellow YouTuber community. The influencer recently came back to the internet after her hiatus and she came back with her final word. She released a video talking about, without names, an abusive friendship that led to all the drama she has had the past months. The internet believes it to be about Jessi Smiles. Anyway, in all the content from her 46-minute long video, the last thing she says really caught our attention. It seems that Gabbie Hanna and Trisha Paytas cannot get over their differences for anything. In light of this, she is releasing a new single next month. All ‘for’ and ‘about’ Trisha.

The first single for my f***ing album is coming out next month. I’ve been working on that and the music video. It was actually written about Trisha Paytas, for Trisha Paytas but I will talk about that, and explain that in another video.

Gabbie Hanna’s stance on fellow YouTuber Trisha Paytas.

Now, in the entirety of her comeback video, she avoids naming names at all. Gabbie is keeping her slate clean for the most of it. However, Trisha Paytas is one of the only two names she actually names. Well, the other one being Leafy, a YouTube commentary channel. According to Gabbie Hanna, none of the things Trisha Paytas or other influencers say about her matter to her. She puts it out there that she only gets affected by the things her former friends say about her. Their entire feud started over a ‘rumor’ Gabbie spread that Trisha was suffering diseases affecting her partners. This was in November last year, supposedly.

In all of Gabbie’s new perspective on her social life attitude, she does not seem to be over Trisha Paytas yet. It seems that this feud shall be considered ‘to be continued…’. So, stay tuned as we keep you updated on everything that happens.

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