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Republican Supporter Jon Voight Accused Of Slapping Co-Star Frank Whaley

It happened on the set of 'The Donovan'.

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Celebrity feuds are making it into recent news a lot. But, it looks like some of them are not afraid to go physical on the other. Frank Whaley has accused ‘Ray Donovan’ co-star Jon Voight of slapping him on the set. The accusations came after Voight gave his speech on the Republican National Convention.

Frank Whaley goes all out against Jon Voight

It’s not a secret that Jon Voight is a Trump supporter. So much so that he chose to lend his voice at the Republican National Convention as well on Monday. However, there was a surprise waiting for Voight just after the 2020 RNC ended. And it had nothing to do with his support for Donald Trump

Frank Whaley took to Twitter to accuse Voight of slapping him on the set of ‘Ray Donovan’, a show upon which both actors were co-stars. He said:

F*ck Jon Voight. On Ray Donovan he slapped me across the face in the middle of a scene because he couldn’t keep up, then denied doing it. He forgot about the still photographer who was on set. Bottom line: Jon Voight is a major d*ck. #RNCConvention2020

Jon Voight and his team have not responded to Whaley’s accusations yet. Both the actors co-starred in Liev Schrieber’s drama on ShowTime from 2013-2020 for seven seasons. Voight played the role of the protagonist’s father, Michael ‘Mickey’ Donovan. Whereas Whaley played FBI Agent Van Miller.

An unapologetic Trump supporter

Republican Supporter Jon Voight Accused Of Slapping Co-Star Frank Whaley

Moreover, Jon Voight received a lot of criticism from all corners of Twitter. And it was directly targetted at his support for Donald Trump. Voight has been a stern supporter of the President of the United States, despite Trump’s derogatory comments about his daughter. Voight called Trump “a man who cares, a man who loves America and all Americans.”

Furthermore, Jon Voight even praised Trump’s Coronavirus response, saying:

We all know that it is easy to criticize. It takes a true leader to solve problems. COVID-19. While others criticized without solutions, President Trump’s swift action saved lives, and as leading Democrats want to keep businesses closed down, our president is leading a way for a full economic recovery.”

In addition to that, Voight isn’t a big fan of the Democrats either, as he said:

“Politicians spun their deceptions and obstructed progress.”

As expected, these words in praise of the President by Jon Voight did not go unnoticed.

Twitter speaks against Jon Voight

Frank Whaley was not the only one to go all guns blazing against Voight. Apart from the slap, many political commentators called out Voight as well. Sam Stein from MSNBC was upset at the fact that Voight got more time to speak than AOC did at the Democratic National Convention.

Moreover, CNN host S.E. Cupp expressed her problem with Voight’s statement that Trump “loves all Americans”, saying that it is factually “irrefutable”.

Jon Voight is currently embroiled in controversy. It isn’t likely that he’ll ever stop supporting Trump. But, we could get a definitive answer to whether he’d accept that he slapped Frank Whaley or not.

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