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Jeffree Star’s New Boyfriend Cooks for him

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Three days ago Jeffree Star posted a mysterious picture on his Instagram.  In which he was glued to this guy with tattoos. And the next thing we know is Jeffree Star is no more single. As he finally made his relationship official with basketball player ‘Andre Marhold’. We don’t really know if Jeffree made the first move or Andre. The only thing which matters is they look happy. And Andre is giving us some major boyfriend goals with his grilling skills.

Jeffree Star Mystery Guy Turned Into New Boyfriend

So, we all know Jeffree was single for almost seven months. Then he introduced this guy named ‘Jozea Rose’ in a video as his first date after his split up with Nathan Schwandt. And now he is seeing a basketball player ‘Andre Marhold’. He wanted to keep things behind closed curtains. But fans figured out Jeffree’s new mystery guy with his tattoos. And Jeffree had no other choice but to share Andre’s picture in which his face is pretty visible.

Now Andre spent some time with Jeffree over the weekend. And flew out to Wyoming with Jeffree in order to celebrate the launch of his latest makeup collection. Jeffree shared a couple of stories on his social media.

So who else thinks Jeffree is a very lucky guy because he always gets to date people who love to cook. In this picture down below, Jeffree is all set to take some photos for the gram’. And Andre is busy with the marination.

Let's marinade chicken

Here is another one from Jeffree’s Instagram stories from yesterday. Andre surely knows how to up his spice game. He has changed from a t-shirt and sweatpants to just shorts. And can I just say that he looks ahh-mazing?

Grill Boss

Jeffree Addresses The Current Twitter Spat

Let’s move on to the current twitter spat going between Jeffree and Andre’s ex-girlfriend. So the whole thing started when Andre’s ex-girlfriend Lauren found out about Jeffree’s relationship with Andre and posted a tweet. She didn’t have any problem with Andre, but her main concern was Jeffree.

Sorry guys, but you will have to go through Lauren’s previous response in order to understand the recent one.

Lauren was the one to make the first tweet:

“My ex on the shade room for fu**ing Jeffree Star is not how I planned to start my day.”

And then a lot of other fans started making homophobic comments. And started calling out Jeffree for giving people money for sleeping with him and other allegations. So he posted a tweet in order to address the ‘whole new relationship’ situation.

“I know it’s devastating news for some people, but I don’t give money to anyone I’m dating or anyone who is fu**ing me. Work on your own insecurities sis, I’m not the problem.”

And you can see Lauren/Lo/Andre’s ex-girlfriend’ response here:

Jeffree and Lauren

We really don’t know if Andre has sent his ex-girlfriend any photos or videos. Because there is no proof. Meanwhile, Jeffree posted a thread of videos on his Instagram and Snapchat Stories to address the current relationship situation.

“Now I have entertained a lot of bulls*it before and a lot of lies. And I told myself, 2020 girl, really, there is no time or energy for that. So you know the old Jeffree would always address things, always come on here and be like you guys this is the actual topic.”

Jeffree further mentioned that he doesn’t really care what other people are thinking about his current relationship and partner. He explained that he is really happy. And he is dating somebody who has been single for a while now.

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