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Paris Hilton was Physically and Mentally Abused at Boarding School

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Everyone perceives Paris Hilton as the OG influencer. She created the concept and elevated it with her picture-perfect persona and her trademarked phrase ‘That’s Hot’. But there’s a documentary coming out that will show you a different side of Paris Hilton. It’s where Paris finally puts down the mask she’s put on for decades. We are going to see the reality star for who she really is. One of the main stories that shocked fans was how Paris Hilton says she’s been physically and mentally abused at her boarding school.

Boarding school was popular for harming the students

The boarding school was actually a correctional institution. Paris Hilton’s parents sent her there because she was showing some behavioral issues. She was apparently skipping school and going out every night to party. However, the boarding school was quite a dark place rampant with mental and physical abuse. The workers and teachers there really loved to torture the students attending the school.

Paris Hilton shares:

“It was just terrifying to be in a place every day where people who work there were sadistic and wanted to torture and hurt children,”

The reality star also elaborates on the abuse in an interview with The Times. The teachers there would force her to take pills, even physically beat her. At one point, she was even strangled. There were also verbal bullying where she would be called a ‘spoiled brat’ all times.

Paris Hilton says that she would not want that pain to be inflicted on anyone else. That’s understandable as it was truly a horrifying place to be in. There was even solitary confinement as punishment for some students. Paris also shares that also the letters that you wrote back to home were monitored so you could not disclose the abuse to your family back at home.

There are also accounts that the institution has changed ownership. But the facility is facing multiple lawsuits by previous students who have similar experiences of mental and physical abuse.

Paris Hilton will also reveal other dark moments in her life in the documentary

We will also get to see other aspects of Paris Hilton’s life. People will also see the time where Paris was facing a lot of mental stress due to her s*x tape with Rick Saloman leaking. That definitely led to her having a lot of trust issues in her life.

The reality star is also sharing that she has tried going to therapy but can’t stay in it for too long because it’s impossible for her to trust anyone.

Moreover, the trailer for ‘This is Paris’ also showed us a glimpse of her DJ career. In one of the clips, she is physically fighting with a man.

Paris Hilton definitely proved that there’s always more to someone than what they show. Everyone thought of her as a clueless reality star and a dumb blonde. But that was just a persona she personally crafted and utilized to have a successful career. It wasn’t an easy journey for her and that is what we are going to see on ‘This is Paris’.

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