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How Mandy Moore Revived her Career

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Anybody who has ever read an interview of Mandy Moore has to agree that the woman is undeniably great. She is an extremely nice person who covers up really well for all that she goes through. Even when you can’t really figure it out, Mandy Moore has seen a hard life. The woman struggled both personally and professionally, but managed to find her way out. From getting out of an unhealthy relationship with Ryan Adams, or taking her still career to heights with This Is Us, Mandy Moore has definitely experienced it all. But nonetheless, she is still an absolute favorite out here. And she taught us all some valuable lessons the way she grew after her rough patches.

What Happened With Mandy Moore?

When Mandy Moore sat down for her interview with Glamour, she opened up about a lot. The actress was just 23 years of age when her mother left her father. And that too for another woman. Mandy discovered it by accident, and came as an intense shock for her. Although initially it was hard for her to get this decision, she has now made peace with it. Probably because everybody is now safe and happy and with people that they truly love. The star says that it’s all a happy ending, but it came with real struggles.

Later in life, Mandy Moore got married to the musician Ryan Adams. But unfortunately, he was not the best choice for her. Despite being unable to control what happened in her immediate family, fortunately she could exercise her control over her personal life. Six years later, Moore eventually got out of her unhealthy relationship by divorcing Adams. But considering she was spiritually and fundamentally struck, both her career and her friendships suffered a lot. But she was fine, and did not want anybody to feel sorry for her. Mandy Moore had managed her way out and things were going to open back up.

How Did Mandy Moore Make A Comeback?

After her divorce, Mandy Moore had been at a still point in her career. Previously, her fans and audience generally only perceived her in one light. She was always the nice girl in romantic comedies ever since she stepped into business in 2000. But she knew that there was more to it. And that these labels prevented her from gaining momentum. At such a point, Mandy Moore found the popular NBC series This Is Us. And that’s what helped her change the perception that people had of her. Moore was no longer the nice girl in movies. But she had grown to be a woman now who had suffered through her ups and downs. Both personally and professionally.

In This Is Us, Mandy Moore plays the matriarch Rebecca Pearson. She’s the leading star who most often founds herself at the top of the show’s emotional plots. While talking about her part in this series, she said that she had never been a part of something that meant so much to the outside world. The show premiered two years back, but it’s still as dearly important as ever in Moore’s life.

Apart from acting, the This Is Us actress has other aims for the future. And that includes writing, directing and even producing. She said that she wants to take advantage of the doors that opened for her since her role in the NBC’s This Is Us. According to Moore, if she lets the opportunity go in vain, there has been no point of all this. Moreover, she feels it’s cool to be in a place where she can help create material. Especially the stories that she wants to see.

With this interview, Mandy Moore also delivered some great advice. She told people to care less for what the world thinks of them. Rather, self-satisfying should be the goal. But then again, it comes with time.

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