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Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend Responds to the relationship

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So, the news is finally out and Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend and mystery guy is none other than hot basketball playerAndre Marhold’. Jeffree shared a picture on his Instagram before leaving for his ranch in Wyoming. And Andre’s ex-girlfriend ‘Lauren’ just took to her twitter and expressed her thoughts about her ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold. And obviously his very sultry picture with Jeffree Star. Because the world might have taken some time out in finding out the mysterious guy with tattoos. But Lauren would have figured it out in no time. And she seems really upset about it.

Andre Marhold’s ex-girlfriend responds to Jeffree Star’s latest Instagram post

So we all know-how Jeffree Star posted a picture on his Instagram. Where he is sitting in a very sultry position on some guy. The guy’s face is completely hidden but his tattoos are very visible.


This picture was posted two days before. Fans started questioning Jeffree’s one time fling ‘Jozea Rose’ if he is the guy in the picture. And some of them started connecting dots and found a guy who has exactly the same tattoos as the guy in Jeffree’s picture. Upon further digging, they got to know that this mystery guy is none other than basketball player ‘Andre Marhold’.

Jeffree just turned off the comments on this picture. But people who knew Andre’s ex-girlfriend started tagging her on social media. Basketball player Andre’s ex-girlfriend Lauren woke up this morning and said she just found out about her ex-boyfriend dating ‘Jeffree Star’ through a gossip page.

“My ex on the shade room for fu**ing Jeffree Star is not how I planned to start my day.”

Lo's tweet

Then here is a thread of two fans and you can see one is trying to tell Lo/Lauren that her ex-boyfriend is dating Jeffree in a very impolite manner and her username, that’s another story.

he is dating Jeffree

Lauren, who is currently living in Atlanta is a self-taught artist who makes paintings. She has not mentioned anything about the baby girl in Andre’s picture. So we don’t really know if Andre has a daughter with her.

Lauren/Lo was cool about the fact that her boyfriend is dating another man. But she was a little disturbed with Jeffree’s past history regarding racism. Anyways, that’s it for today guys, let’s see if Jeffree or Andre are going to make any official statement about their relationship. Or if they plan on keeping things a little private this time.

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