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Rose McGowan Says Alyssa Milano Made ‘Charmed’ Set Toxic

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There is no love lost between Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano. The ‘Charmed’ co-stars have had a lot of feuds on Twitter and off of it for years now. However, the feud reignited just recently in light of the 2020 Presidential Election. In the heat of the argument, McGowan accused Milano of making the ‘Charmed’ set toxic. The feud began at first over a difference of political opinion. However, it later turned into a personal spat between the former co-stars.

The feud between Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano reignites

Rose McGowan Says Alyssa Milano Made 'Charmed' Set Toxic

It began on Friday when 46-year-old McGowan accused the Democrats of “achieving” nothing on the last night of the DNC.

As a result, 47-year-old Milano hit back with a list of achievements during the tenures of Democratic Presidents from the past. She did so through a series of tweets using the hashtag #DemocratsHelpPeople. All of these tweets were aimed at Rose McGowan. She also directly attacked McGowan, tweeting:

Rose McGowan did not shy away from throwing some virtual punches at Alyssa Milano. She began first by mentioning that Democrats only gave white women the chance to vote instead of all women.

Later on, however, things got personal between McGowan and Milano. Rose McGowan wrote a small thread, accusing Milano of “stealing” the #MeToo movement. She said that Milano did so only for fame and because she was “jealous” of McGowan for outing her rapist. Moreover, she also accused Milano of making the ‘Charmed’ set toxic, despite earning $250,000 per week. She further said that Milano threw a fit in front of the crew, screaming

‘They don’t pay me enough to do this s***!’

In the end, Rose McGowan again called Alyssa Milano a fraud and shared her own interview from 2017 about Milano’s lies.

As of right now, the feud has not settled as Milano has not responded to Rose McGowan’s allegations. A Twitter user shared a screenshot of being blocked on the website by Milano. Rose McGowan shared that tweet with the caption “#MeToo”, indicating that Milano also blocked her on Twitter.

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