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John Boyega Is Tired Of Toxic Star Wars Fans

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There’s little doubt that John Boyega is the most vocal of all the Star Wars cast. He has vocally supported the Black Lives Matter Movement and was very loud and clear in saying that he was done with Star Wars too. But, Boyega has rarely ever shied away from social media interactions as well. However, this time, Boyega says he bluntly bashes toxic Star Wars fans.

John Boyega lashes out at toxic Star Wars fans

Recently, Boyega made it clear and clarified why he was not going to work with Disney’s Star Wars franchise. Apart from that, he has confronted several Star Wars fans online, especially on Twitter. However, that was a while ago. But, he directly confronted the toxic fan base again recently, this time going all out against them. John Boyega tweeted first:


And for the fans who did not get John Boyega’s first tweet quite clearly, he made it clear to them in his next tweet:

John Boyega responded to another NSFW tweet, which kind of encapsulated the harassment that he faces online. Furthermore, another fan replied to his tweet, subconsciously making the point for Boyega. He replied to it as well:

These series of tweets by John Boyega sum up the online harassment that the Star Wars star faces on a regular basis. Sadly, all he can do is call them out for their behavior, or use the block button. However, it’s even sadder when fans don’t realize that Boyega himself did some soul searching after the Star Wars films too. That is why he parted ways with the franchise.

Why he left Star Wars?

John Boyega Is Tired Of Toxic Star Wars Fans
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Recently, Boyega made it pretty clear that he had no intension of reprising the role of Finn in any upcoming Star Wars film. However, this was not merely a career choice. Finn was the character with the most wasted potential of all in the Disney sequels. He started off very strongly as a Storm Trooper, who deserted the dark side and the First Order to join the resistance.

The fans realize his wasted potential very clearly. But, what they fail to understand that John Boyega probably understands that better than they do. He is the one who put his face on the character. And while playing Finn, Boyega must have realized how the writers did his character dirty, especially in Rise of Skywalker and The Last Jedi. Moreover, Daisy Ridley’s Ray suffered from the same problem as Boyega’s Finn. That is why it is important that fans redirect their anger towards Disney and Lucasfilm, and not on the actors. The actors don’t deserve the anger of a toxic Star Wars fanbase.

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