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Did Tana Mongeau and Tayler Holder Date?

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Tana Mongeau wishes Tayler Holder a very happy birthday through her Instagram post. Now you all must be thinking Tana lives next to the Hype House and Tayler is her neighbor. So she just wished him as a neighbor. But no, Tana and Tayler have some history together. They have been friends for almost four years. This means Tayler knew Tana way before she dated Jake Paul and had a fake marriage with him.

Tana Mongeau posts memorable pictures for Tayler Holder’s 23rd birthday

So Tana is actually setting some major goals for all the people out there who call themselves BFFs. If you wanna be a BFF, be like Tana. She understands the importance of wishing someone on their birthday and doing something nice for them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a few hours late. You can even spend a couple of dollars on buying a birthday gift. For instance, Tana bought something for Tayler from her earnings from OnlyFans. We don’t really know how much Tana earns from ‘Tana uncensored’ but we will be able to guess it from the gift maybe.

Tana Mongeau wishes Tayler Holder

OMG! Tayler and Tana are setting some major BFF goals. Find a friend who can do dishes like this hot cake.Cleaning her mess

In the following story, Tana is referring to Brad Sousa in this picture. Tana is literally calling her ex sh*tty in every single picture. Let me know if you guys want to hear more about him.

Anyways, let’s jump back to this picture from Coachella. I am actually a little confused by the caption. Tana never had a thing with Tayler. And if you go to Tayler’s old YouTube videos, you will see they were just really good friends.

Coachella After I Dumped My Ex

It seems like Tana almost dated Tayler but went for another guy named Brad. But things didn’t go out well with Brad so Tana ended up regretting that decision.

Now coming on to this next picture. I just could not stop myself from posting this picture. It’s so adorable and the caption is actually making my heart melt.

Happy Birthday Tayler

Oh, and one more thing, Tayler has a video on his YouTube where he is bashing Tana.

“I am actually making content and being productive. While you’re f*cking having a fake marriage.

You had a Justin Bieber look-alike for a boyfriend and forgot who I am on the face of this earth.”

Oh, it seems like Tayler is pretty mad at Tana about both Jake and Brad. But maybe they reconciled.

Anyways, guys, that’s it for today. I will update you once Tana uploads a video on her YouTube channel and reveal Tayler’s birthday gift.

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